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  1. Hi Norman I would like to update you about the gown of Megan for the Top Model competition. To all the people here in this forum you will be surprised by the magnitude of this famous Indonesian designer, This designer is Royalty by blood. Her real name is “Princess Ayu Mirah” The fact that the MWO organization and the Princess chose Megan Young to wear her collection is an honor for the Philippines . Imagine there are 130 candidates and Megan was the chosen one to show case her creation to the world. In that fashion competition Megan will be wearing the Princess prized jewelries of gold and diamonds. Call it premonition or what to expect on Sept 28. My suggestion to your readers in this forum Norman is to stop this negative vibes or what ever you call it. I’ve seen in other forums where a lot of these stupid Filipinos would critzed the creation as being ugly. This clothes represents the Hindu cultures of Bali. The earth tone color and the fit of the clothes represent’s their colorful cultures. This gown of Megan’s fit’s her so well, She look like the two princes in the epic story of “Ramayana”, as well as Kama Sutra”. As I said in my post from other blog sites this ain’t the runaway of Paris, Milan or even New York. Even in those events you will find some of the tackiest clothes. The most important here is Megan is getting recognized not only by the general public’s around the world, but also a true royalty is giving her the recognition she truly deserved.


  3. it’s not the gown but how the gown was carried.
    Kahit pa ipasout kay Mareng Megan yung mga gown sa Divisoria, magmumukhang mamahalin ang mga kukur gown.
    Megan, pautang pag nanalo ka ah!

  4. I hope she wears her hair up for this event. It will not only give her a longer, taller, more elegant silhouette but it will also showcase her beautiful swan-like neck.

    • Seriously man, where is your fashion sense? The gown looks classy and very Asian.

    • Very very possible. I wouldn’t fall off my seat if it happens. What would shock me is if Phils, Indonesia and India make it to Top 3. 😉

  5. I just look at the sketch of Francis Libiran… It’s similar, this Indonesian gown just have prints on it.

      • But I saw her wearing a white dress with 2 other girls taken by them not by the photographers. Is she becoming less popular with the photographers?

      • Baka naiilang na ang press sa kanya dahil sa pang aalipusta ng mga kababayan natin sa kanilang kandidata tuwing sya ay nakakalamang sa ating pambato sa mga paligsahan.

      • Give chance to others naman daw 😉 On a positive note, there are a lot of write ups/news about Megan nowadays now that the coronation night is getting near. Positive vibes all the way! 🙂

  6. The gown is beautiful. Looks like the designer wanted our “Queen” to wear a design which is truly Asian.

  7. Norman, who is Megan’s Indonesian designer? I hope she’d let Megan keep the gown should Megan place in the TOP-3 on Tuesday!

  8. miss philippines will be this year’s miss world winner! congratulations in advance, megan! 😀

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