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  1. A well written biography of our Ms World Megan Young. Thanks to you Norman. I’m always fascinated with every articles and information I read about MY. And as a big fan, I would like to share this to all other fans out there who is in the same state as me (a hungry-MY-info-seeking person). This is very informative and for sure fans would get to know MY more after reading this article. Enjoy

  2. the evolution of megan young- from being a starstruck finalist to being crowned miss word 2013! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. thank you for such a lovely write-up on Megan. My nieces and I have been following her since she started show business and we are just so proud of what has achieved. I have shared this on my FB page.

    way to go, Megan.

  4. Norman,

    I really want to comment on this beautiful post of yours to support Megan
    but I always get misty eyed even before I even type a single word.

    An island barrio lass for a mother and a soldier for a father,
    She was brought up very well with principles of humility and respect.
    With sheer talent, passion and dedication,
    She’s one of the few local celebrities who really worked her way to the top.
    From where I am sitting right now,
    I can feel her strong desire to help her fellow countrymen.
    I don’t know how much more I could emphasize that she is the real deal!
    A real beauty with the biggest heart!

    I can’t see any other candidate who is more deserving than the sincerely genuine,
    Our beloved Megan Lynne Young to become MISS WORLD 2013!

    I can’t wait for the coronation night! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I could remember a few years back when my cousin was watching Betty La Fea Philippine Edition, I told her then that Megan was well poised and would be a stand out if she became a beauty queen. Well, that wish had become a reality and I wasn’t wrong, she is really a stand out. AND she definitely looks more stunning now than 2-3 years ago. Let’s say that she is definitely pageant-ready.

    I am really so glad that she joined a pageant and chose a competition that the Philippines has not won yet. Setting aside all the PLUS points you have enumerated, Megan has a lot of chance/advantage because for one thing: this is her first experience. And that matters a lot to Julia Morley. JM no longer wants MW to be branded as MU losers absorber.

    Norman, thank you so much for this well-written account as I learned more about Megan. I hope that this circulates to those that can make things happen as she is definitely a wealth and asset to Miss World if they put her to the throne!

    Here’s wishing Megan all the luck in this world.

  6. Philippines is now No.1 on Globalbeauties.com and Brazil fell off from the top spot to second only. You may want to see now their most updated leaderboard.

    Congratulations, Megan!

  7. Beautifully written. Well said.

    A beauty. A purpose. Megan has turned our focus to Miss World with her humility, her beauty, her acomplishments in life. She has shown us another point of view about pageants and the true depth and meaning behind her cause, her quest. Regardless of the outcome, Megan IS our Miss World. She has made us all stand a little taller and given us a greater sense of pride of who we are as a nation.

    Thank you Megan.

    Thank you Kuya Norman. You also make us proud to be Filipino.

    • The post is not even about her. You can call her names all you want, but every derogatory word you say reflects on the kind of person you are. So keep at it.

  8. Thanks for posting this norms….ill tweet this to miss world org. Now na!!hehehe….โ˜บ๐Ÿ‘ we filipinos know megan very well and her beginnings….thats why we are all pushing her for that blue crown….bagay na bagay sa kanya ang koronang yan๐Ÿ‘‘โ˜บ

  9. I can’t thank you enough, Sir Norms!

    EVERYBODY ELSE: What are you waiting for? Retweet, reblog, repost!!! I already did. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • You’re welcome, G! And that is really the main purpose of this post – to spread the word to as many people as possible. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. i really appreciate this blog..thank you Sir Norman! i’m speechless… two thumbs up for you and to all Filipinos who always support our representatives

  11. I have to say Norman, you’re the best blogger in the world. Wow! what a beautiful article. It gave chills all over my body, and I got a little misty also. I just like the way you write Norman. It just simply marvelous. If all the bloggers out there are just like you then this world would be lucky enough to have person who has the heart and humility to tell a wonderful story that will touched every human being. I have read all your articles, and let me tell you Norman you out donned yourself big time. All the fans out there must thank you, because of your dedications in conveying this wonderful for people to know who the real Megan is. No further explanation needed, because you went step by step into her beautiful life story. You hit the nail Norman when you wrote about her involvement in her many different charitable causes, because that Habagat segment is just an icing on the cake. “Bravo” to the best blogger in thew world.

  12. I have been following her career since her Starstruck days. She was my favorite, and even if there had been early signs then that she will not be getting the top prize (she finished 3rd among the ladies), I knew she’s destined for something greater. I want Megan to win Miss World. But after reading your post, the more I want her to snatch the crown so badly.

    I honestly believe her getting into the final 5 (or 7) is really bound to happen. And when that happens, kahit isama mo pa si Spain, Brazil, France, and Indonesia, I still believe Megan is the best choice. Wag lang mapulitika. (

  13. WOW!!! I am almost speechless with this post. Megan Young already surpassed all the charitable works of her fellow candidates. It is impossible for her not to win this.

    If she will not be awarded the hands down winner of the Beauty with a purpose award..
    .. then the end of the World must be real close.


  14. You guyssssss, inip na inip na ako. I know it’s been a long journey considering Tito Norms has started covering Megan since Miss World Philippines. But I’m really excited for Miss World 2013 already!!! How much longer do I have to wait before coronation night? :/

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