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  1. Just enjoying reading the posts in this blog. I was searching for the latest news about MW2013 and the link I clicked brought me here. Figure-wise, if a lady is less than 34-24-34, then she can be called thin but still sexy. An ideal figure for a beauty pageant candidate should have 36/35-26/25-36/35 measurements. In China, what matters most are the beauty of the face, the height and the winning smile. If Cindy has all, she has a fat chance of taking another glory for the Philippines. Good luck!

  2. I like Cindy’s beauty, but her weight seems to bother me.
    Too skinny, there’s a thin line that differentiates skinny from anorexic.
    I think, she’s conveying a wrong message to the young ones that to be beautiful and a beauty queen is to be as thin as her.
    Anorexic alert!

    • eh ikaw naman basil (alias angelo reyes) = para sa iyo RACIST ALERT. divah! aay, kesyo multiple ang alias mo, MENTAL ALERT fah. kaloka kang bruha ka noh

  3. Yes, Cindy would have to hurdle politics since the pageant would be held in China but knowing this girl, I know she would climb the great wall in 7 inch heels just to get that crown. Among the four BBP-Gold winners I feel that she has the most determination and so this pageant is perfectly assigned for her. She is a good girl with ambition in her heart and with a brain to match. 😀

    Nail it! Kill it! Win it!

    Cindy Miranda FTW!!!

  4. While I think she is stunning, I also realize this pageant is in China. I agree she has all the features that the Chinese seem to be attracted to (or at least from my observation), however, it’s still China and The Philippines has not done well when there is a pageant in China. More than likely due to political reasons. They may throw us a bone by giving us a spot in the first cut, but I truly don’t expect much, if anything, after that. With that said, I also don’t underestimate the determination and focus of Cindy and her stunning beauty. She just might climb her way, if not to the top, close to the top. I wish her the best!!!

  5. I think She will place well.

    The chinese will love her look because she has that Asian Anime face, which they all seem to like.

    I hope she brings the fierceness & edginess on the stage… She will definitely be hard to miss.

  6. Knowing na madami ng issue ngaun about Kay megan, bigla Naman akong kinilig upon learning from twitter na nagflight papuntang Indonesia bigla si mikael daez. Supposedly Sabay sila ng mga other friends nila pero pinamodify Nya knina flight Nya. Hehe syempre di Nya sinabi sa tweet Nya na he’s there to make sure that megan is ok, let’s say yes, napakaresponsable ngang lalaki hehe

    Ah by the way good luck Cindy, u look pretty 🙂 and dear lord ur so sexy!

  7. Nice hair and she looks very excited. I love this super skinny look on her! She looks like what every woman dreams off… Skeleton thin and big hair! Love it!!!!

    • …And her reshaped streamline nose suits her perfectly!

      I expect her to take CHINA by storm with her gorgeous Oriental /Western looks and Asian glam styling!….
      …Counting on a TOP-3 finish!

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