5 comments on “Miss World 2013: Dance like there’s no tomorrow

  1. The fast-track won’t be in play this year, basil. As far as I know, there will be points awarded for inclusion in all of the pre-pageant events (DOTW included) and whoever accumulates the highest points will move to the semis. I’m just not certain yet if it will be the 15 highest or just 10, with 5 spots left upon the organization’s discretion. 😉

  2. Hi Norman, I just heard that the Top Model has been rescheduled for Sept. 24, 2013. It seems like they are having more problems. This 63rd edition of Ms. World must be the most stressful for the Ms. World Organization. You think Norman they would have learned from their experienced in 2002 with the Nigeria fiasco. To think that Indonesia wants to stage this pageant again in 2015. I think it will not happen. I think Julia is not going to crown Miss Indonesia this year as Ms. World. There is no money for them and with all that troubles it’s best she find a better venues in the future. I see the Philippines as the brightest venue for her in the future. She just need to crown a Filipina queen to get to the heart of the vast Filipino audience. The Organization will be welcome in this country that support every beauty pageant like there is no tomorrow. I lesson learned from all this is ” Never staged a pageant like this. magnitude in an Islamic country. No ifs or buts, because it will be doomed before it even started.

  3. Megan’s palm looks rather flat and her fingers are kinda stiff!

    I hope some of the Balinese choreographers will help her out on technique regarding delicate finger & hand movements!

    • she will be holding fans on both hands so i think that won’t be that necessary anymore. but i am sure the choreographer won’t let it go unnoticed 🙂

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