9 comments on “Miss World 2013: Top Model mode at the Safari

  1. Diusmio Megan, yang hat na yan ,hindi naman hat yan.
    Nabili natin yan sa bazaar, isa yang fashionable bilao para pag naglalako tayo ng paninda nating daing at laing.
    Diusmio, mangangamoy ulam ka nyan, hala ka,pag naamoy ka ng leopard e baka hindi ka na abutin ng Sept.28.
    Wag dampot ng dampot.
    Ang bilao ay hindi hat!

  2. Megan should wear heels each and everytime because compared to some of the more popular girls she’s short and what’s up with the hat and green faux belt. talk about mismatch.

    • Markish, have you been here in Manila? how come you don’t Know Megan Young that well?
      You seem like your not Filipino.

    • @markish,

      Everytime? Even on Safari?
      I prefer a girl who’s brave enough to be in flat shoes or in slippers rather a girl who’s always on heels and pretending to be comfortable even in big pain.
      Being in flat shoes is a courage and a humility at the same time.
      Sometimes, it’s a plus points seeing a girl in lined with others,in which she seems to be the smallest.yet when you look downward, you’ll be awed that she’s in flat shoes.

      Sarap mong sampalin ng takong markish, wag kang magpapakita sa akin at pupukihan kita!

  3. Tita Norms, I admire your dedication to keep your blog updated. You seem to be not sleeping anymore just to keep us posted! Thank you 🙂

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