20 comments on “Miss World 2013: the Talent Auditions

  1. Seriously? Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”? I mean has anyone actually listened to the lyrics of this song!? Sure, a rap number on talent night might be a novelty and Megan might look and sound “cool” performing this little rap number, but is Megan actually gonna recite those lyrics that go “he dope, he coke, …he a muthafuckin trip, trip… and yes you’ll get slapped if you’re lookin’ hoe…”. WTF was she thinking?

    I mean this song is totally mindless and has no substance! It’s obviously not a good fit with the Miss World BRAND (hello?!). This is the kind of misstep that could cost Megan the crown. For what? So Megan can look and sound cool?!

    My message to Megan: PLEASE RECONSIDER. I’m rooting for you girl, but please remember who your real target audience is, what your real mission is, and what you need to do to win this pageant, so please STOP this silliness and pick an appropriate song instead. Remember, this pageant is not about being hip or cool. I mean would you seriously consider singing these lyrics at a job interview in front of a 65-year old CEO? Because this pageant is one big extended job interview with Julia Morley with 130 other applicants who want the job just as badly.

    So you better make a quick change cuz this Nicki Minaj number is gonna ruin your chance, girl! You’ve come this far. Don’t let the wrong choice of music drag you down now, especially when you are THIS CLOSE.

  2. Maria Angelica de Leon’s operatic talent would more likely warm Julia’s heart than rap or beat boxing. Oh well, maybe next year for Angelica after she’s lost her baby fats…

  3. Megan is a budding film maker. Could she have opted to screen her best short films for the judges to watch for the talent competition?

    • I wish Megan could have done that, however passive the talent may seem to be for the judges. In the end, she must have preferred something with an instant wow factor instead.

      • The problem with a performance-based talent competition is that it sometimes puts a candidate in a worse light than had she not performed at all. So she may gain a few points for her effort but what good is that if the overall impression of her by Julia Morley and the MWO suffers irreparable damage?

        This is what happened to Krista Kleiner in Miss International 2010 when her very acrobatic and groin splitter of a dance performance earned her “Miss Expressive” but it cost her the title because the MI organization just couldn’t picture her wearing the MI crown after that performance. Some say the same thing happened to Queenierich, that while her beat boxing performance while impressive and gained media attention, certain conservative members of the MWO were unnerved by it because it didn’t fit the MW brand, hence blocking Queenie’s chances.

        Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture and pick your battles carefully. And pick your talent performances even more carefully.

      • vendetta: BTW, Krista also won “Miss Talent” but I agree with the point you’re trying to make. The judges may award a girl’s talent, but if the talent doesn’t fit the pageant brand, then that would be a big problem, like what happened to Krista and Queenie.

    • I agree with Vendetta, I thought about that too during Queenie’s time.. Most of us know that beat boxing is very unladylike. It just happens that Ms. Corry Q has always been hip and young at heart that she doesn’t share the same traditional thinking as Miss World Org. I just hope Megan is not performing anything like Niki Minaj who has her own share of haters. I pray that the talent portion will not ruin her chances of winning what she truly deserve… The Blue Crown! 🙂

      • @closer: Right. Let’s hope Megan and her handlers read this. Many a poor candidate have been “ruined” by the talent competition. I hope Megan considers Ms. Morley’s taste in music and that she doesn’t become a talent casualty like Krista. And no twerking, please!!!

  4. Norms, Do you think one of the girls will also do a beat box talent like what Quennie did last years’ MW?! If Megan will rap… most likely she will be noticed 🙂 Would also be much better if song rap and beat box in one! Just wishful thinking.

      • I know younger people appreciate beat boxing and rap but in as far as the Talent competition in Miss World, the more traditional talent performances are always awarded. I just can’t see Julia Morley hopping to the beat of rap music, do you?

      • You’re right, most people I know who are Julia Morley’s age don’t take to rap or beat boxing too well. That her age group finds it awful is putting it mildly. I hope Megan doesn’t lose points over this.

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