25 comments on “Miss World 2013: a favorite indeed

  1. Was looking for it but the site’s news items update so fast that it must have been pushed back too far to have the link inaccessible by now.

  2. Ninang Norms, ano po ang mga menu sa cooking show ni Julia?

    >inihaw na Indonesia?
    >pinaputok na China?
    >sinigang na Indonesia?
    >pinaupuang China?
    >escabecheng Indonesia?
    >binurong China?
    >binagoongang Indonesia?
    >nilutak na China?
    >relyenong Indonesia

    • @tanisha,
      problema ang bruha at walang magawa kundi ang makialam.
      Get an insect at pakangkang ka sa insektong yan dahil yan lang ang papatol sa’yo, matronang tigang!

  3. As I said before, Megan Young has been a favorite with the Indonesian press and the local population. She has been featured in local newspapers and on televisions. One thing about our girl is she’s very charismatic, and she’s never pretentious. My friend from Indonesia who’s seen Megan several times since she arrive has only praises for her. He noticed how friendly she is towards her fellow contestants. You can always sensed or judge a person if she’s faking it. As a matter of fact, my friend saw her two days ago when they had the night Bazaar, and he was really stunned how stunning this girl is in the flesh. She was very accommodating and well mannered when people try to talked to her or asked to be photographed. If there is no politics involved then Ms Philippines is the right girl to wear the crown. I’m very optimistic with the Philippines this year than previous year’s, because it’s time for them to crown a Southeast Asian girl, after all for the biggest continent in the world only India and China has won the title. Also the fact the Philippines is under the radar of Ms. World right. A win by Megan would reap it’s benefits for the organization. I would say watch out Ms Universe if Megan wins, it could unseat Miss Universe as the premier International Pageant so dear to the Filipino populace. This could make Mr Trump crown a Filipina just to spike Ms. World. In the end it’s beneficial for the Philippines, because in this battle the Philippines win.

    • Agree… with you Ernest… if Megan will be crowned as the new Miss World, definitely Miss World will be much more appreciated by Filipino pageant fans. It’s for the benefit of MW Organization as well…. If not, then Miss Universe would still be preferred by Filipino fans. Julia Morley must be thinking now…

    • Ernest, I agree with most everything you said and I wish it were all true. Unfortunately, with Miss World, politics is always involved. Secondly, as much as we would like it to be so, I must humbly say that the world of international pageantry does not solely revolve around Filipino pageant fans.

  4. Gracia mia, wala yung saling pusa!? Pinipilit kase isali sa top 11 eh!! Iam positive megan bata siya na!! I think different part of the glove agree, kase di ba kapag nanalo tayo sa ms.world tayo lang sa planet earth nakagawa nun,, india yung pinaka close kase wala silang international!

  5. Megan’s comment on Ukraine, T&T and Cameroon, She is playing politics… everybody knows Megan is the fashionista and gorgeous one. Just my observation.

  6. Brazil leads the betting polls because Julia Morley most likely has sent feelers out that Miss Brazil is the one to beat. Why? This is in anticipation of the World Cup frenzy that will be held in Brazil in June 2014. From a publicity perspective, it makes sense, unfortunately.

    The World Cup is the single largest sports event in the world with close to a billion fans around the world watching the finals. If Miss Brazil wins Miss World this year, it’s a good bet that she will be making public appearances as Brazil’s most visible mascot during these games in 2014. If Morley is looking to take advantage of free publicity for her pageant during the World Cup in Brazil next year, then crowning Miss Brazil this year is the surest way to do it. Julia is always thinking ahead, and this time the World Cup is in her line of sight. It may be too big a temptation for Julia to resist. If Miss Brazil wins then at least we all know the reason.

    Still, I hope that my cynical assessment will be proven wrong and despite the odds, Megan Young will be victorious and win the Philippines’ first Miss World title.

    • @vendetta: Yikes! Even Miss Brazil’s profile on the Miss World website mentions the 2014 World Cup! I smell a cooking show and it’s starting to stink. 😦

      • It’s reasonable to be cynical about Miss World. I mean two crowns for China just in the past 6 years? Think about it. The stars seem to be aligned for Brazil with the upcoming World Cup. Brazil won its one and only Miss World title 42 years ago, in 1971. More than 200 million Brazilians are now clamoring for a second crown. There are rumors that Brazil might host the pageant sometime soon. What do you think? Are the signs pointing to Brazil? Your guess is as good as mine.

      • Let’s just all keep on voting… She just needs to make it to the TOP 5 and with all confidence I know she will nail the Q&A. With her beauty, charm and wit, She will be Miss World!

      • @closer: I hope so too.

        BTW, Miss World has a top 7 placement from which it directly selects just the 2 princesses and Miss World.

  7. Why do they expect Brazil to win when her performance is not that outstanding?
    I do like Denmark but I don’t expect her to win anything since she’s not that remarkable..

    I guess we really have to step it up guys…
    We have to help her with the online votes and multi-media award..
    Spread the news and let the whole world fall in love with Megan Young! 🙂

    • @ you are way too far to fame dahlin!
      Those are betting sites duh! It has nothing to do with the organization. Btw, I spoke with Ms. Morley & she wants me to be one of the judges. Lol!

      • Thanks, your sarcasm is extremely informative!..
        feel free to tell me more stuff I don’t know…
        I’d love to learn more from the voices your hearing..
        I had no idea Julia Morley was a telepath…
        or you really need to consult with a good shrink…
        I think the latter is more compulsory for your very special case. 🙂

  8. Norman, is Megan aware that Mutya Datul is Miss SUPRANATIONAL 2013?
    If she does, what was her reaction?

    I’m so stoked at the thought that The PHILIPPINES will have TWO Grand Slam winners in September alone!

    • @ Jude GHLO
      Yes, she is aware. In fact she congratulated her (Mutya) on her (Megan’s) official Miss World – Philippines account. We can only keep our hopes high + our support & prayers that indeed, Megan will win Miss World! Nonetheless, she has been & is doing her best that no matter what the outcome (given the pageant politics), she made us & our country proud.

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