9 comments on “Miss World 2013: Introducing the Sarong

  1. Let’s look at the bright side nalang, I guess the usage of “sarong” in this aspect of the competition made it more of a challenge to the girls on projecting themselves ” being sexy and captivating ” without showing off much of their skin and hidden curves..

    “Beach Fashion the Conservative Version” ang peg neto!lols

    The color combination tho is parang flag of the Philippines lang Red,Yellow,Blue and White!kumpleto in fairness..lol

    #ItsASignThatPhilippinesWillBagTheCrown 😀

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  3. There we only supposed to be a top 10 for the Beach Beauty competition, but the judges pushed for 11 girls instead. I wonder who this 11th girl is??

    BTW, the sarongs look awful with those harsh colors!

  4. The colors of the sarong and top are really fug!! There are better sarongs or cover ups sold in Divisoria.

  5. Norms natawa ako sa “And please don’t expect by way of seeing them running around the sands and beaches of Bali anymore. Otherwise, they will need another layer of Sarong caped around their shoulders.”…

    Ang baduy ng sarong…i thought it would be something modern that would complement the top, but it is an ethnic fabric of indonasia…

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