36 comments on “Miss World 2013 Press Conference: Bali or Bust

  1. Way to go, Megan ! May our winning streak in the international beauty pageantry continue. Win or lose, our dear Megan is the epitome of the true Filipina beauty in and out. Good luck & God bless.

  2. I’m so happy their staying at Bali.. The Singkil dance would be perfect for Bali..
    The history of Singkil is the best representation for the history of our people..
    It is a dance that ties us not only with our Indonesian neighbors..
    but the rest of Asia..

    Megan truly is Miss World!

  3. Now that Madame Julia Montes heard the way Megan speaks and connects to people.
    There’s no way that Megan will be coming home empty handed.
    #teambata for the win, bring home the pork barrel, este the bacon!

  4. I think it is the best decision to stage the pageant in Bali if they still want Indonesia to host the pageant.

    Megan is definitely the favorite to win the crown. And I have to admit it, her roommate Japan is slowly growing to me. She could pull off a suprise.

    • BTW, there’s nothing wrong if the girls are staying in Bali much longer than expected. Been to Bali before, and the place is BEAUTIFUL. Temples, beaches and shopping – it is a tourist heaven

  5. Megan is good speaker! Iam sure she impress the press and madam julia! Megan is also the best dress, so queenly with a grace kelly vibes!

  6. Miss World 2013 opening ceremony will be tomorrow. You can watch it live via online streaming, http://missworld.okezone.com/ at 7pm Bali time.

    Miss World Fan dance http://missworld.okezone.com/gallery

    Final Rehearsal For 16 Contestants

    Saturday evening, one night before the big event, Opening Show of Miss World 2013, 16 contestants still practicing The Fan Dance on the almosts finish stage. Eko Supriyanto, the dance trainer and his wife who also help him in training the girls, are very serious in preparing the girls to show their best performance. Eko Supriyanto himself is known as a professional Indonesian dancer who has an experience as one of the dancer for Madonna. Vania Larissa, Miss Indonesia 2013, was among the 16 contestants. Some of them are Miss Canada, Miss Spain, Miss Dominica, Miss Thailand, Miss Malaysia and Miss Kenya. The Fan Dance, which coreographed by Eko Supriyanto is a mix dance from different Indonesian dance, such as from West Halmahera, West Jawa, Central Java and Bali. The Music is also compilation from various traditional Indonesian music, such as West Sumatera, North Sumatera, Central Java and Bali. Some of the contestants are also dancers back home, but for some of the other, this is the first time they ever dance on stage in front of live audience. Limited time of practicing has made the girls more serious in doing their new deance. The Fan dance will be one of the main show at the Opening Show which will be on air on Sunday 8 September 2013 at 7.30pm local time.

  7. Julia Morley is already testing some of the front runners at this press conference, to see how well they speak in front of the public and how well they deal with pressure. Julia is already keeping score.

  8. bud? here you go Miss Spain and Miss Philippines group photo. Miss Spain left of Miss World China. Miss Philippines 6th from right. YEEHAAW !

  9. Her eloquence comes from the heart. Megan’s alluring beauty and personality embodies the whole picture of what MW is seeking. Being hand picked by the organization is a tell tale sign that our bet is indeed a frontrunner. Win or lose, you’ve done something great to make your countrymen well represented. May the streak of luck guide you accordingly in the quest for that elusive blue crown.

  10. Since they are moving the venue of the FINALS to Bali not Jakarta, I hope it’s a big place to accommodate the 131 contestants and audience.

  11. why is it staying in Bali? All these changes kinda erode what credibility MWO still has? Is there even a big enough venue to hold the pageant in?

  12. Wow! Megan was one of a few who were hand-picked by MWO to speak in front of the press! What an honor! Especially during such a critical juncture in the pageant and its decision to stay put in Bali. This indicates a level of trust and confidence by MWO for Megan. Obviously, Megan’s skill as an experienced public speaker and communicator becomes her ace-in-the hole in this venue. And Julia seems to be saying “Megan is the ideal Filipina Miss World prototype. She is gorgeous, I like her, but more importantly I TRUST her!”

    • Let me double-check on that. 😉
      Okay, the nine are Philippines, Puerto Rico, Cameroon, Spain, Indonesia, Lebanon, Jamaica, Australia and Netherlands.


      • Forget the talent competition. Being hand-picked by Julia Morley to speak at a critical press conference, because she has confidence in your public speaking skills and gives you the mantle of trust and approval in as far as being a spokesperson for the MWO, far outweighs any song-and-dance routine in her book! The silent preliminary judging has started folks!

      • @ Yura
        Don’t be over confident…That’s what people say about SMA about her “COOKING” but when Boy Abunda became a judge and he said the judges has the final say and SMA didn’t even interfere…Same thing as MW “THE JUDGES HAS THE FINAL SAY”. THAT’S JUST MY OPINION!

      • @hunk: I’m not being overconfident. What I am saying is this: being hand-picked as one of the nine among 130 candidates to speak at a presscon is more significant than winning Miss Talent. It does not guarantee Megan winning the title, but it sends a strong signal that Julia Morley likes her and trusts her enough to allow her to speak at a critical presscon.

        And never mind Boy Abunda! This is Miss World, not BPCI! And while SMA may SOMETIMES allow BPCI judges to pick the BBP winners independently of her own wishes, Julia Morley ALWAYS is the head judge of the Miss World judging panel and therefore determines who she thinks should wear the crown. JULIA HAS THE FINAL SAY and she has always admitted as much.

      • About this singkil dance Megan is supposed to perform, won’t she need like 4 people to bang those bamboo poles beneath her feet? Plus another guy to hold an umbrella, not including the guy with the shield. Did Megan bring an entire dance troupe with her?

      • @Yura Hogg I couldn’t agree more! Being picked to speak in a press conference is a tell tale sign of great things to come. Of course just look at previous conference/speaking engagement of Miss zuniverse – Venus, Shamcey and Janine all were handpicked for a certain event and those misses included actually were part of Top 10/Top 5 respectively. Excited for this development

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