29 comments on “Who will win Miss Supranational 2013?

  1. OMG, looking at the predictions above, only Mutya made it to the final cut!

  2. I told you so, remember I commented in your previous post that “I have a gut feeling that she’s gonna win” and she won. Congratulations Mutya, you did it!

    • I commented in your July 18 post “Don’t you just love Mutya?” and most of those who posted comments were in doubt if she’s gonna win this beauty contest. Some were even worried because the voting costs like 10 points/5 dollars.

  3. I’m so proud of the Philippines! Congratulations Mutya! You made us proud! I watch the whole telecast and Mutya was so captivating! Very deserving indeed!

      • OMG this is the first time I watched someone via livestream that I literally jumped from where I was seated! She just proved that no ugly gowns and shoes can make a beautiful girl down! 🙂

  4. I think it’s only Belarus who has a beauty that is at par with Mutya, the rest are just blahhh…

    I know for sure that Mutya will do her best despite the handicaps bestowed upon her by BPCI.

  5. As much as I’m rooting for Mutya, I’m definitely not digging her Natcos and EG. And the shoes she wore on her Natcos… Black strappy platform sandals?! Hay. if her scores on the 2 said categories are low and caused her not to get in top5 ateast, SMA definitely owes a lot of explanation to us pageant fanatics.

    Hay SMA, why?!?!?! 😦

  6. Sir Norman, do you what time is the pageant in Manila time? Or atleast Belarus time?

  7. Kumusta naman ang Miss Supranational? Nerbyos ako masyado sa Miss World. Di na ako naka pag update sa sarili ko dito. My pick, Belarus. Pero sana Philippines. 🙂

    3. UKRAINE
    4. RUSSIA
    5. BELARUS
    6. CANADA
    7. SWEDEN
    8. INDIA
    12. HUNGARY
    15. FRANCE
    16. MEXICO
    17. MYANMAR
    18. BRAZIL
    20. NORWAY

    My “rough” prediction…
    I’m glad both Australia & Philippines are top contenders ’cause I’m Australian-Filipino 😀
    Anyways, I wish Esma Voloder would join MUA though. She reminds me of Rachel Finch kinda. She’d be a shoe-in for a top 5 placement.

  9. I want Mutya to win, para mabayaran na ang mga utang na dapat bayaran at matubos ang mga naisanlang kabuhayan.
    But my crystal ball says, it’s gonna be Moldova.

  10. Norms, here is the national costume that’s been assigned to Mutya. Your thoughts?

    I’m literally shaking my head.

    Buti nalang napaka ganda ng aura ni Mutya and that kahit gano kapangit ang ipasuot sakanya, she shines.

  11. I too have this feeling Mutya is not going to win the crown. She may well end up in Top 5 which will be a feat but sadly this late in the game I don’t see her coming home with the crown. But then again, trash me up if I end up eating my words. Pageants after all are like life- full of twists, turns and best of all surprises! Good luck Mutya!

  12. As much as I want Mutya to win (and she deserves to win), my gut is telling me it will be another European will take the title. It’s either a back to back win for Belarus, or a second crown for Ukraine, or a win for Sweden or Luxembourg.

    Whether win or lose, Mutya did her best and she represented the Philippines very well. So to Mutya. Congratulations in advance

    • Just think positive. You never know what’s inside those judges heads. Mutya did her very best, and you can’t blamed her under these circumstances. First of all she never had the right ammo to do her battle. A lot of the blame goes to BPCI. It’s just sad that Stella Marquez cannot give her one hundred support to those girls that are like her daughters. As much as I want to defend her I can’t see the point anymore. It’s the same scenario every year. The writing is on the wall, and it’s time to step down. It’s kind of sad to think this, because she’s been the driving force behind it’s fifty years of existence. Time has changed, and it’s time to pump some new blood in the organization. I think with a new person who has the driving force to take it to a new a level can make the Philippines a real super powerhouse in the future. Just my thoughts. I’m hoping a lot of you agreed with what I said.

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