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  2. hindi po muslim dance ang singkil.kundi Moro Dance,ang muslim ay mg taong taga sunod ng Propeta Mohammad at Allah ang kinikilalang ngiisang lumikha s sanlibutan,,ang islam ay maraming pingbabawal katulad ng mg sayawan at awitan Atbp..sana maunawaan ng laht ang Iranon Maguindanaon tausog Meranao ay mg tribo lamang..

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  4. SINGKIL is not a Muslim dance, its a Meranao dance. There is no dancing in Islam. I hope we identify religion from culture. I am a Meranaw, and am proud to see Megan in her Meranao attire…

      • It is actually of Hindu origins…
        During the time some areas of the Philippines was part of the Hindu Sri Vijaya Empire..
        It’s a tradition older than the arrival of Islam on our shores..

      • Hi. Meranaw are Muslims.

        However, here’s something we should consider.

        Meranao vs. Muslim

        Meranao is one of the many cultures of the country. It was born even before Islam was introduced.

        Muslim. Someone, who follows Islam as a religion. A muslim can be a Meranao, Maguindanaon. tausug, Waray, Bicolano. Boholano or Tagalog. Same as an American Muslim, an Egyptian Muslim, a European Muslim etc. A Muslim is someone who follows ALLAH s.wt. and his messenger Muhammad s.w.w. A Muslim is someone who follows the Islamic values (not to kill; be good to everyone specially to strangers whether a Muslim or not; Be kind to the poor; do not cheat, cover your body especially for girls so you will be protected from the eyes of the evil man; not to steal; be simple; and live a peaceful life etc) Islam is Peace.

        A lot of Meranao values are contradictory to some that Islam teaches. Example; There are Meranao dances such as Kapamalon-malong, fan dance, and singkil. But in Islam, there is no dancing. Woman dancing is prohibited for this may put her to danger. This may seduce men. Women in Islam are like jewels; preserved and protected.

        This is actually the same as “Christian as a religion”. There are so many ethnic groups following Christianity but it is possible that one’s cultural or traditional beliefs may not be agreeable to that of the Christianity.

        This is actually the reason why we always tell the media to be very sensitive in using the term “Muslim.” When a Meranao for example is accused for killing someone; the media would say, a Muslim killer. In Islam, killing is very much prohibited. It s one of the major sins in Islam (if the reason is not Jihad). It is more appropriate to affiliate someone to her/his culture rather than to her religion.

  5. It’s so smart of Miss Corry Q to choose Singkil,..
    The pre-islamic Maranao’s interpretation of the ancient Hindu epic, the Ramayana.
    It is one of the best representation of the historical and cultural ties with our Asian neighbors.

    • Singkil is a dance that tries to exhibit the gracefulness and nobility of a Mranao princess (arkata) as she tries to balance herself against the quake and avoids getting her feet trapped among quivering rocks. It symbolizes the purity, finesse, and strength of an ideal Mranao “bae” that she is expected to hold in whatever situation she is in.

      You mean “Darang’n?” The M’ranao epic?

      The Darang’n is not an interpretation of Ramayana, rather it is a mythological interpretation of the history of the pre-Islamic M’ranao society and its ideals… It is about the rise and fall of the Kingdom of B’mbaran, the ideals of the nation, and is populated with distinctive Mranao characters who are themselves symbols of the ideals (e.g. Bantug’n = ideal datu, Lawan’n = ideal lady, etc.) It also talks about the flaw of the society, such as their hubris that later destroyed them as they refuse to even accept God. The survivors of the cataclysmic fire that destroyed B’mbaran were later regarded to be the direct ancestors of the M’ranao people.

      Saying that it is an interpretation of Ramayana is like saying that even Beowulf and Gilgamesh and all epics in the world in general trace their origin in that Hindu epic.

  6. YEEESSS! Catholic Megan has the body, serenity and sexiness to give a credible top-notch cultural potrayal & dance as a beautiful & refined Muslim princess! This should win the hearts of the Indonesians, especially those religious sceptics & fanatics in the archipelago.

    This will also send a very strong message and a reflection of the tolerance & inclusion of all religions in today’s Philippine society and culture!

    By the way Norman, is there a BEST National Costume award in the Miss WORLD Pageant?!!?

  7. Mas maganda sana kung ang gagamitinni Bata sa Dances of the World ay yung SHAGETTI dance ng sexbomb, tapos ang costume nya e pinagdugtong dugtong na pasta with hot sauce.
    Tingnan ko lang kung hindi mawindang ang mga moralista sa Indonesia.

    Lilia Cuntapay, 69, Baliuag City, Bicol!

  8. I like your new format. However, I’m having problems getting it on my phone, it’s all a jumbled mess. I’ve had to get on a computer to just see what was going on. Nice changes! My question is, is it my new phone or is there something in the website that prevents me from seeing everything on my phone without it being a jumbled mess?

      • I still can’t get this site via my phone, it’s sooooo messed up. Sigh… Oh well, guess I’ll have to settle for when I’m home when I can use the computer to check in.

      • Thanks Kuya Norman. I can now see this site clearly on my phone! I can still see the new format as well and all looks great! Thank you!!!

  9. Lahat ng fans ni Megan sa Facebook ay sobrang pikon sa photographer na kumuha sa kanya for beauty shots, Hindi cla clear as clear compare to the other canditates, pansin mo rin talaga na nakamacrofocus ung sa iba, ung sa kanya hinde. Check it out at missosology

  10. Kuya Norman, I’m liking all these updates on Megan & Mutya. I really like the national costume and it will fit well with the Muslim country like Indonesia. I think the country will take this in a positive manner. I getting excited about Megan’s possibilities for taking home the crown. I have a couple of questions: Is Miss World televised in the States? What is more prestigious…Miss World or Miss Universe title? I can’t seem to get a direct answer for this. Will Miss Supranational be televised as well? Please advise. Salamat kuya!

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