14 comments on “Miss World 2013: Bubbling in Bali

  1. Ay naku, ayaw ko din manalo tayo dahil lang sa internet votes.. Pero sobrang deserving manalo naman ni Megan and she deserves all our votes.. kung pwede lang nya mapanalunan lahat ng fast track e why not?! She will be the hands down with no doubt, the ultimate winner!!!

    Sa lahat ng Pilipino sa buong mundo,
    Let’s prove to the world who we are and what we can do!
    Let’s vote for Megan Young as Miss World 2013!

  2. I want Megan to be in the top 5 because of her undeniable charisma and stunning physique and not because of people power voting.
    Such a shame, it’s like winning the Miss Intramurals for having the most number of ballots being sold.

    I remember during the Miss Universe 2007, when the Miss Photogenic was awarded to Theresa Licaros, the hostess made an annoying gestures, as if she was telling “if not only for the internet votes”. Internet votes do not represent the voice of the world but the voice of the kabarangay, kaanito, kabinggo at mga kamag-anakang uhaw sa parangal.

    Czarina Gatbonton, 69, Ang Puno ay Buhay, Potrero Road, Batanes!

  3. I wish newspapers and the 3 network news media there should advertise it everyday and maybe MWP do the same thing, ADVERTISE…. DEFINITELY SHE WILL PLACE #1.

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