15 comments on “Miss World 2013: Bonding in Bali

  1. During Miss World 2009, Perla Beltran of Mexico was the consistent favorite only to be robbed bigtime by the plain jane Miss Gibraltar.
    MW pageant is so unpredictable.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if in the coming years, a winner will come from one of the audience and not from the list of candidates.
    I just hope that this year, it won’t happen.
    I wish that the traffic on Edsa will align and will let Megan bring home the pork barrel este the bacon.

    Susan Africa, 69, Ina ng Bayan, Cabanatuan, Laguna!

  2. Lutang ang beauty ni Megan including her outfit. I hope for consistency. Dapat winner from day 1 until day end. (See what I did there?) By they way Norms, I like your new layout. Very autumn.

  3. Her outfits are so beautiful with the right balance of femininity and edge..
    Her bag here seems misplaced but all her ensembles are absolutely perfect!!!!!
    Kudos to Ms. Cory Q and whoever is assigned to be Megan’s stylist.. great job!!!!

  4. Megan Young can stand next to all these glamazon and yet her beauty stands out …I guess her competitors haven’t figured that having pictures standing next to her increases the risk of being compared to her… LOL … She already has so many online fans that an extreme fanatic would probably shoot Julia Morely’s head if she doesn’t announce Megan as the winner.. I can’t wait for the coronation night! 🙂

    • I love that she finds her competitors beautiful… It’s so sincere and down-to-earth..

      “The one who see’s beauty in the most unlikely sources is the most beautiful of all”. 😀

    • Totally agree! She’s the first one that immediately stands out. Certainly head and shoulders above the rest. Other contestants would pale in comparison. Face, body, outfit and good vibes she’s gifted with and she radiantly exudes. Megan is a sure and clear winner! The entire country (and World) is now hooked!

  5. It is so obvious she stands out among the rest. From the group pics she is the first one I always notice. Megan definitely deserves to win this year. And since the pageant is not in China – for sure there will be no politics involved (and if it does, it will definitely be in Megan’s favor as Philippines and Indonesia have closed ties).

    BTW, her attires are stunning. BPCI should take note.

  6. Bongga Lang! Infairness halos lahat ng photos Nya with a group eh laging xa ang Nasa gitna! Queen na queen!

  7. wow our Megan is doing extremely well—- a pageant in Bali is an advantage to her… if she needs to new stuff or new clothes or even assistance—– its not impossible to ask someoe to go to her to save the day!!!

    Looks like Megan is really a super contender this year! MEGAN for the WIN!!!!!

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