3 comments on “Miss World 2013 roommates: Philippines and Japan

  1. I’m not sure maybe it’s just me. Upon browsing the photos of the other candidates who are in Bali right now, jusme kagulat, halos photoshopped Lng pla ung mga nakikita kong pictures nila bago pumunta ng Indonesia. I can’t recognize them! Analyo layo ng mga itsura pag di na na edit. Unlike Megan, so natural talaga. Kudos pinas!

  2. Megan ,yung itinuro ko sayo ha.
    Whoever will be your roommate, make friends not war, because in war there is no love, if there’s no love, this world wouldn’t be a better place to live in.

    Please convince Miss Japan to donate in our NGO’s, as you know, every centavo will be for a good cause and for the benefit of the doubt.
    Because everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
    I Thank You!

    Janet Lim Napoles, 69, Mamamakyam ng Sakit, Arte arte pag May time, Phileppens!

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