24 comments on “Miss World 2013: First sightings of Megan Young

  1. Stand out talaga si Megan “kick ass ” ang beauty at very regal ang dating , may socialite aura simple ang damit pero lutang pa rin ang Ganda nya, ang ” SADLY ” ( sabi nga ni Natalie Morales ng MU Host 2010, 2011 ) malaking politics at hocus pocus ni tandang Julia ang mananaig sa final night . Si tandang Julia pa nga ang nag kokorona sa Winnah , duh !!!!

  2. i have strong feeling that megan will make the crown into her head like what i feel to Mutya when i saw here even to cindy and bea i hope they will make in magic 5 but im sorry to say aida needs more power to universe like janine did …its only opinion ……….

    • i mean arida …but i believe she can do all the best she can cause im miss universe fanatic i have video since 1958 up to now 2012 DVD HQ copy all clear this year Miss u candidate there so much more beautiful girl and smart gudluck Arida

  3. Puro megan! Sila ba nagpapicture or si megan ang nagpapicture sa kanila! Parang ms.venezuela lang ang peg,, magdidikit kayo kay megan baka sakaling mapansin, hindi sa nagyayabang lutang na lutang ang beauty ni megan sa mga diosa ng mga diosa!,, hindi nakakahiyang hype kase hermosa de hermosa megan young!

  4. LOL..
    All eyes of the world are on Megan Young…
    I can tell that all the girls know that she is the one to beat…
    It’s no wonder everyone else wants to share the spotlight with her…
    They could all create a crowd around her and yet, her beauty will always stand out. 🙂

  5. Norman, Megan´s first sightings happen to be a fabulous first impression!

    WOW! Since her arrival in Bali she has made a HUGE impact on the local media, fellow contestants, MW staff and the organisers! She should have no problem in impressing Julia Morley when Julia meets all the contestants in the official WELCOME DINNER bash!

    Good to know that her roommste,Miss JAPAN, Michiko Tanaka, is also a worthy contender for the title! Together, both beauties should inspire & motivate each other to constantly put their best foot forward in the next three weeks of being in the spotlight and public scrutiny!

    • If only Michiko can speak a little more English, then she and Megan will get along swimmingly. But our girl is reaching out, Nihongo or not. 🙂

  6. Appreciate u norman for posting & sharing the pics. Megan simply oozes with charm, sweetness & sophistication even in the company of her fellow candidates. Her confidence shows in all the photos she is in. I can just tell that she may be the one to beat. Go Megan ! Make us all proud !

  7. Honganda talaga ni Megan. Bronze goddess ang appeal sa first photo! I think the light just fell on her face perfectly. I wonder what her look is when she wears her hair down. Yung sa intro video nya, flyaway ang dulo ng buhok niya. Di ko masyadong like.

  8. our girls is turnng out to be the one to beat!!! Gosh- Megan is wayyyyyyyyy better than a lot of the girls here, and it looks like she will keep it that way even standing besides the usual powerhouse in MW like India and Venezuela…. China did looked so inferior over Megan!!! Now all we need is to impress Julia

    Im just gonna say this—- but Megan is probably our best bet since Ruffa… I know Gwen did very well too— but Ruffa and Carlene were considered the top choice for the crown during their time…. This time, Megan should be the top choice for the crown— Just look at those lovely eyes, the cheek bones, the face, the body– the girl is perfect

    • LOL!!! that’s what I was about to say. Megan is a billion times better looking than China and Denmark. I could smell a blue crown for her.

      If politics would or would not come in play, Megan has a huge chance since I think Philippines and Indonesia has very close ties with each other.

  9. wow… loving u Megan! Still standout in spite of just a casual wearing & little make-up… but u can’t be ignored still.. what more n lng kung nag todo style at fabulous dress ka na! talbog n silang lahat !!! Go go go Megan for the Blue Crown… we are praying for ur success. Just enjoy have fun and claim it !

    Miss World 2013 is Megan Young from the Philippines !!!!

  10. Absolutely stunning Megan! Now can’t wait to see her stand beside the other strong contenders esp with Miss Spain and Brazil. 🙂

    Anyway Norman, comment on the 2nd pic: 2nd from left or should be 3rd from left?! 🙂

  11. Megan Young looks absolutely impressive! Great start. What a standout. I hope it will be the same when she’s with the other 122.

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