16 comments on “The full version of Miss World 2013-Philippines -Contestant Introduction

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  2. That video was so endearing.. Her sincerity really touched my heart…
    Now, I really want Megan Young to win more than anything in the world.

  3. Btw Ninang Norman, did you already apologize to Megan Young?
    Because as far as I can remember, you together with Chrome, are bullying Megan during the Binibini 2013 application period, tagging her as “CRYING WOLF”.
    Methinks that you owe her an apology, I maybe a basher for times, but I know when to subside and ask for an apology.
    I hope you’ll be man enough to do so, same with others who tagged her as “CRYING WOLF”.

    Mga Balimbing!

    • Oh I certainly will. But those posts were meant to push her towards Binibini. And I was never against her. I was just looking for some conviction then that she is already exhibiting now.

      • Ninang, you never failed to have a diplomatic way of escaping out a mouse trap.
        How I wish I have that talent so I can say that I bashed Golda Soller to pushed her.
        Pushed her into a ravine.
        Please relay the message to Chrome.

      • Oh no, I don’t recall referring Megan as the “crying wolf” but thank you for pointing that out Basil as there is not one iota of ill-will if I ever did. I am glad she is representing Philippines in Miss World and a very bright chance of winning the blue crown as long as she wears the blue gown. 😉

      • As for balimbing, I agree that Norman is warm, loving and sweet, he is very balimbing.

      • @chrome,
        Ooooops kiri kiri whoops, I’m so sorry from the bpptom of my ass that I’ve mistaken you as the other one , whose so close to Norman, tagging Megan as CRYING WOLF.
        First of all, I would like to remind them that though Megan cried, she’s not a wolf and will never be a wolf.
        And regarding how you used the word BALIMBING, IT’S JUST OKAY, YOU USED IT PERFECTLY.

        Loren Legarda, 69, Balimbing Street, Bahamas!

  4. Diusmio Mareng Megan, ang lakas ng loob mong tumakbo ng mag-isa sa dawagan.
    Haaay Haaaay Hawai, pag ikaw nahablot ng mga kawatan dyan at pinagulong sa damuhan at ginahasa ng walang habas, magtatanda ka.
    At pakiusap lang Mare, kung sakaling matalo si Mutya at palaring manalo ka sa Miss World ay pwede bang ikaw na ang magbayad ng mga utang ni Mutya sa akin, tutal ikaw naman ang guarantor nya.

    Megan Yan, 69, Kapatid ni Rico Yan at Slater Yan, Phileppens!

  5. Hey guys, taking into consideration the time constraits with regards to making the video clip, I thought Megan did rather well! It may not be the best, but hey, winning the title is not about a YouTube presentation!

    Megan must not come across as manufactured or too perfect on her journey to victory on September 28th.

    Miss WORLD is human and we all love to see a winner who is natural & humane and not afraid to shed lots of tears or having flaws and all!

    She’s by far the BEST Philippine delegate in the history of the Miss WORLD Pageant!

  6. What?! This is it!? OMG, it is so amateur! Why nanay Coring why? It appeals to me as “Ok let’s call Megan, tell her to wear a dress & her crown, let’s go to QC circle”‘ then “Ok Megan, read whats on the teleprompter!” After 5 mins, with just a guy holding the camera & another assisting her, then they are done! She deserves something better fitting for a real Miss World!

  7. saw some of the videos of the other candidates and I must say that they did their homework pretty well or should i say their videographers did it for them as they are well edited with visual graphics and such like miss china’s. but none is more classy and heartfelt than Megan’s. the video didn’t need all the visual impact because Megan’s beauty and sincerity is enough to make this for me the winning introduction. Thanks Norman for uploading this

    • As Ms Cory Quirino said in an interview with PEP today, the reason why She and Julia Morley like Megan, because she speaks from the heart and not rehearsed. Their you go people, all you guys do is bicker this or bicker that. I too after seeing her video was totally mesmerized. To me her video was warm and not flashy like the others. You can feel her sincerity and humility. You don’t need all those special effects or flashy scenery, because she’s not not selling a blockbuster film. What she’s trying to come across to people was, hey this is Megan the actress, future film maker. She’ also telling us that, I’ m just an ordinary person like you. I also play video games, when I’m not acting or going to school. Her video is not cheesy like the others. Just my opinion.

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