7 comments on “Sunday Specials: Results of 2nd Top Picks Poll for Miss Universe 2013

  1. I’m my opinion,this voting process encourages multiple voting and its not right…..
    Well congrats to miss Gabon and what ever reason shot her to the top 3 spot.I also think the Filipinos should leave sentiments and vote the right candidates.
    Brazil,Venezuela,Curacao,Vietnam,France,Puerto Rico,Israel,Sri Lanka and Spain seem like the best candidates to me

  2. It turns out Miss Gabon is a full-blooded Gabonese! Whoever started the rumor that her mom is Filipino sure had everyone fooled! Her mom Mireille Mouchita actually comes from the Tekke tribe of the High Ogooue province in Gabon. There is no Filipino lineage whatsoever! But at least Miss Gabon got talked about and got the votes! LOL!

  3. Who the heck is voting for Gabon? I don’t think that every single people who comes here vote for her! Seriously if you go to other pageant sites her name is nowhere near the top 20 not even 30!

    There is no way Bolivia didn’t even made the top 10?!?! A couple days ago she was leading the leader board, in fact there was even a time that she overtake Miss Gabon….. Gabon, Australia, USA, Bolivia, Paraguay and Costa Rica were the ones competing for the top 3 spot yet during the final tally Bolivia is no where to be found not even in the top 10? I’ve also noticed that during the voting process it seems like Gabon, Australia,USA comes in package because all of a sudden they would have this enormous vote in just a matter of hour yet not a single vote is being given to the other girls. Its either all of this people are voting for the same top 3 (which I highly doubt) or someone is truly dedicated to vote for the same girl over and over and over again.

    P.S You should set up a deadline for the voting process so that it will be fair. Its unfair to just end it when you feel like ending it.

  4. LOL! Not Puerto Rico, not Croatia and not even France or Poland.

    But Miss Gabon made it. LOL! I suppose this may have something to do with her being half-Filipino, which may or may not be true. But the mere hint or rumor that she might have Filipino blood was enough to drive up her votes. AYAYAY…. Just goes to show…

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