12 comments on “Sneak Peek: Megan Young’s Introduction Video

  1. Ang lakas maka-senyora itong si Mareng Megan Fox.
    Hay Ara, Ara, wag na wag magtatangkang dumikit kay Ms.Fox at malamang sa hindi ay mautusan kang maglinis ng alulod at manghuli ng kiwet.

    Lani Mercado, 69, Bestfriend-ng-Magnanakaw-at Isa-Ring-Magnanakaw, Babuyan Islands, Cavite!

  2. She’s on the top! Megan leads the miss world app poll! #1 out of 160! Don’t let our guards down! Maintain maintain!

    • Let’s get real here. Winning Miss World doesn’t mean shit in Hollywood or in the U.S. Yes. That’s the truth.

    • @hunk5525. Excuse me, but Halle Berry placed SIXTH in Miss World 1986. Despite being ignored by the pageant and NOT winning the title, it took Halle another 5 years before landing her first movie role when she played a small part in Spike Lee’s “Jungle Fever” in 1991! Miss World had NOTHING to do with Halle’s success in Hollywood! Halle became a Hollywood star through her own hard work, talent, and determination, no thanks to Miss World!

    • @queen. Right. No Miss World titlist ever made it BIG in Hollywood. PERIOD. Not even Aiswarya Rai, tried as she might with the box-office flops she managed to star in a few American films, was successful.

  3. Poor quality video…Not a high definition video! I cannot believe the 3 Network that she worked with there in the Philippines didn’t her out.

    • didn’t HELP her out….I have to correct it before Queen B starts correcting me again.

      • I liked the way the video started, to show of her natural beauty in a mysterious way was quite unique. Plus, it was just a 13 second teaser. Let’s hope that what she has to say, and present would improve the video.

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