10 comments on “Navneet Kaur Dhillon: aiming to be the 6th Indian Miss World

  1. 160 candidates?! Just wondering how can they manage to present each candidate with atleast a decent amount of airtime in a span of 2-3 hours? the number of participants is just overkill. It would take an army to choreograph these ladies. No wonder ms world presentations are such a bore

  2. Before aiming for the title, aim first for the breasts.
    Breast implant is all she need.
    So flat-chested, mas malusog pa sa kanya ang suso ni Billy Crawford.

  3. She’s not good in Q/A department… and neiter in beauty department… However if SHE makes it to top 16…. fate is gonna be kinder to her! Because the now defunct I AM SHE was not even kind to her.

  4. Indeed, being Miss India is both pressure and an advantage. the long list of winners from this country signifies the innate charm, intelligence and eloquence their representatives to discuss every sensitive global issue (e.g., gender, spirituality, politics, environment, poverty, etc.) thrown at them. And from their examples, our very own Megan (and future country reps to MW) has a lot to learn about. A genuine grasp of current yet sensitive global issues she must learn and share come pageant time. I think this is what MW as a global beauty ambassador embodies – thus, their trite yet all important peg: “beauty with a purpose.”

  5. Miss World has been kind to India. Perhaps TOO KIND. And what has India given Julia Morley back in return for those 5 crowns? Hmmm?

    • Yeah, even after 5 crowns, India can’t even at least host the pageant. What kind of attitude is that!

  6. Navneet, just an advise, please check your wardrobes and make sure that they all fit you especially your bathing suit.

  7. What is up with this girl’s hair?!!! It’s like she couldn’t decide whether to go for straight or curls… so why not BOTH.

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