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  1. Why wasn’t Janicel wearing her First Princess tiara?? This was an official appearance. Hope it’s not sitting in some pawn shop somewhere… and what’s happened to the other two members of Megan’s court? Obviously absent to give her moral support!

  2. Hindi ko suot ang maliit na korona kasi yun ang utos ni nanay Coring. Kasi sa susunod na buwan suot-suot ko na ang korona ni Megan. Dahil suot suot na nya ang blue crown ng Miss World! Kaya hwag na kayong mag-react ok.

    • At totoo ang chizmax, kaya wala si Omarie, kasi “oakward” daw tingnan kung nandon sya at wala si Bianca. Kasi ayaw na ni Bianca, magre-resign daw sya kasi pangako sa kanya ni nanay Coring higher placement than her previous. Inexplain ko naman aangat sya ng isang level, kaso sabi nya hindi naman daw mananalo si Megan kasi hindi kasing tangos ng ilong nya. Sasali daw sya sa Aliwan Fiesta Queen pati.

  3. Ang tagal naman ng Ms World!..siggghhhhhh.. I’ve been comparing Megan to the front runners of the competition and I see that their sooo way behind.. I don’t wana brag but a few may almost be as pretty but their credentials are just so so… A few have big knockers, charitable yadi yada, and a beautiful face but no one is a complete package.. I’m not even that excited to see the TOP 10 predictions .. Aside from the gowns and costumes, I just wana see the coronation night…

    hohummmm…. Just give Megan Young the blue crown and get this over with!..

  4. Sir Norms, we can only hope for the best for Meagan Young coz alam nating lahat na may “politics” sa Miss World. May personal observation ako na sa MW history ,anim lang ang category ng mga winners.

    1. The LATINAS- Dominican republic (1982), Venezuela (1955,1981,1984,1991,1995,2011) Argentina (1960,1978) Peru (1967,2004), Brazil-1971
    Puerto Rico (1975)
    2. The EUROPEANS – Sweden (1951,1952,1977),France- (1953), Germany -(1956,1980,),
    Finland (1957) Netherlands (1959,1962), Austria (1969),Iceland (1985,1988,2005),Austria (1987), Poland (1989),Czech Republic (2006), Greece ( 1996), Turkey ( 2002)
    3. The TERRITORIES/COLONIES -Gibraltar (2009), Jamaica (1963,1976,1993 ), Trinidad and Tobago (1986), Nigeria (2001),South Africa (1958, India (1966,1994,1997,1999,2000), Australia (1968,1972), Grenada (1970), Bermuda (1979)
    4. The ” SUPERPOWER COUNTRIES” – U.S. (1973,1990,2010 ),China (2007,2012), Russia (1992,2008)
    5. ” SARILING ATIN” – U.K. (1961,1964,1965, 1983, 1974), Ireland ( 2003)
    6. The MIDDLE-EASTERNERS -Egypt (1954), Israel (1998), Turkey (2002)

    To note, it was only Evangeline Pascual who was not offered the crown and title ( only the duties and obligations) whereas, Miss South Africa and Miss Guam ( a U.S. territory) took over when Ms. United Kingdom and Miss Germany resigned in 1974 and 1980 respectively.

    Sana lang talaga, mabago at ma-break ni Meagan Young ang pattern!!!

    • FYI, press release lang ng Miss World yung hindi daw nila inoffer ke Evangeline ang crown and title..
      The fact is they did offer it, it’s our Ms. Evangeline, a woman of principles, who declined because she knew that the original winner was not deserving even before the coronation night. Gusto mo ba isubo uli ang pagkain na isinubo na nila sa iba? I look up to Ms. Evangeline because she kept her dignity intact.

      • Nabanggit din naman kasi dati ni Evangeline na di naman inoffer sa kanya yung crown and title pero yung mga succceding interviews nya, consistent na sya sa pagsasabing tinanggihan nya yung offer. So confusing talaga kung ano ang tutuo.

      • Enough of this myth. Miss Pascual was offered zilch! She just made up this story that she “refused” Miss World’s “offer” to avoid the embarrassment of having to explain to her countrymen why she wasn’t asked to succeed Marjorie Wallace after Marjorie was fired after a brief reign of only 4 months. To this day, however, Ms. Wallace is listed STILL as Miss World of 1973.

      • Eva Pascual’s “story” infuriated the Morleys to no end, and thus the blue crown has evaded the Philippines for the next 39 years. Hopefully, this curse will be ended this year by Megan.

  5. Norm, I’m curious.. Who is ranked #1 on the Miss World poll in front of Megan in #2?

  6. well, i can’t really express.. speechless kumbaga sa ganda ni MWP Megan !!!! Go go go and praying so hard for you to take that BLUE CROWN. from d start of the screening, lagi akong naka antabay sayo and prayed hard to win the MWP crown.. now.. I need to pray harder for the BLUE CROWN for our first win !!!! Just be urself..and touch them why they should crown you as the MW 2013 !!!

    Anyways, Norms.. i had read from the other credible pageant blog that most of the appearances of the MWP2013 winners are only 3 of them mostly (Megan, Janicel & Zandra).. where’s the other 2??? the scoop is seems the 3rd Princess was kinda disappointed as she expected to win (or rather having higher placement from previous) but well, it didn’t came as expected. What I heard, she’s been contacting by organizers but never replied… Even she’s a 3rd Princesss, shes’s still a winner and has responsibilities to do. Due to her sentiment’s and being “un-professional attititude” kaya pati si 4th Runner-Up ay di nakakasama kse it doesn’t look good to see 1st , 2nd and 4th Princesses but the 3rd is missing??

    Is that really true???

  7. She looks so sweet, demure, sophisticated & very queenly indeed !
    Best wishes & good luck, MWP2013 & MW2013 to be – Ms. Megan Young !

  8. I’m having goosebumps everytime I’m looking at Megan’s pictures.
    At alam nyo naman pag kinikilabutan ako, nakakagat ko ang pototoy ng minamahal kong si Facundo, at ito naming si Facundo napapaputok ng wala sa oras at sino ba naman ako para tumanggi.
    Isa akong babaeng mahina,marupok at nangangailangan ng init at marubdob na pagmamahal mula sa isang dragon, at yan ay si Facundo Montecarlo.

    Senyora Santibanyez, 69, Hacienda Luisita, Bataan!

  9. and i heard Ara Arida was there during her send off?…well goodluck to the both of them…even BBP supports MWP rep..they have Megan’s pics on BBP website..

  10. I don’t understand why Janicel is not wearing her princess crown while Zahra is wearing hers.. hmmmm..

  11. Such Beauty! Wala pa siya sa indonesia kita na ang potential niya! Even other nationality agree mucho hermosa bella! Megan Young for the win!! Do I smell victory ?! Siempre!! Ms.world na ms.world ang aura! Even aling cory has high hope! I think mwp crown the ideal girl one and only Ms.Megan Young!!! Oh di ba kapag nagkataon ipapasa ng china ang korona sa filipinas! Exciting!! Wishful thingking lang po! Mahirap na baka sabotahe pa ni ms.piggy wag po wag po! Aling juliana its time ibigay mo na ang koronang asul kung gusto mong maghost ang filipinas ng ms.world!! Next year?

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