19 comments on “Standing from the fall of MU2012, Ruqayyah Boyer is back in MW2013

  1. Hi Norman. I think the second picture is of sesilee lopez, the model. Don’t think it is miss Guyana.

  2. is that really Guyana”s ruqayyah?? that’s her nose now? i think you either got the wrong pic or that pic is not her or its uber photoshopped… this is her pic at MW…http://www.missworld.com/Contestants/Guyana/ the nose in that picture is definitely what you have there in your post…

  3. Wow, I like that hair, pwede bang isanla yun Ninang Norms?
    Ms. Boyer, wag kang magagawi sa Quiapo na ganyan ang buhok mo, at baka mahablot yan ng mga batang hamog!

  4. Former members of the British Commonwealth like India, Jamaica, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Bermuda, Gibraltar, etc., have a special place in Julia’s heart and have done very well and have won the Miss World crown in the past. Guyana in that regard is off to a good running start, but will that be enough to swing the crown in her favor and away from the front runners with no British ties?

    • Guyana was once a British Colony and had quite a successful streak in Miss World when they used to be consistent in the 1960’s early 70’s. It’s just that Guyana had lot’s of politics stopped being consistent any longer.

      1966 (Guyana)- Umblita Van Sluytman (Semi Finalists)
      1967 (Guyana)- Shakira Baksh-Caine (2nd Runner Up) note: she is married to a British actor (Michael Caine)
      1968 (Guyana)- Adrienne Harris (Top 7)
      1969 (Guyana)- Pamela Patricia Lord (3rd Runner Up)
      1970 (Guyana)- Jennifer Diana Evan Wong (Semi Finalists)
      1971 (Guyana)- Nalini Moonsar (3rd Runner Up)

      After that Guyana became inconsistent. Now they have a new franchise holder who is working very hard.

      • @sam. Wow! That’s quite an impressive track record for Guyana back then. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • @vendetta, yes I agree. There is a pattern that clearly indicates this bias. Twenty-seven of the 61 Miss World crowns since 1951 were given to countries that once were once part of Great Britain. That’s a whopping 44 percent!

      • The Kingdom of Great Britain occupied the Philippines between 1762 and 1764..
        Does that count?

        No matter what the odds are,
        Julia Morley would officially be an idiot if she doesn’t crown Megan Young!

      • @closer. The British Commonwealth was only established in 1887, so NO, the British occupation of the Philippines in 1762-64 doesn’t count.

  5. She’s much better looking now facially than she was 8 months ago. She obviously had some rhinoplasty done to improve the contour of her nose and made her nostrils narrower and smaller. Quite an improvement if you ask me! I hope her investment pays off. Good luck to her!

  6. Out of all the introduction videos of Miss World 2013, she is the most articulate, intelligent and charming. Not depending on cheesy gimmicks or dating website esque formats. Only using her words and wit to successfully represent her country of Guyana, thus showing she is more than just a beautiful place. Besides Megan Young, she is one of the girls I am hoping to win the crown.

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