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  1. I think she was handpicked here in the US coz of her strong advocacy on teenage prostitution. But beauty wise Megan is still my choice.

  2. I wonder why Julia cannot impose the same conditions she wants from other countries to the US franchise 🙂 she even went as far as making USA win but nothing has changed in terms of the American perspective on MW

    Well— rules do not apply to all… I guess

    • There’s still a strong U.S. lobby within the Miss World org. Not sure what their leverage would be except threaten to pull out U.S.’s participation if they’re pushed too hard.

  3. So she’s a beautiful blonde, a professional model and stands 5’11”. So Julia Morley likes tall girls. But Miss USA’s biggest obstacle to winning the crown might be politics and money.

    I don’t think an American will be crowned in Indonesia if you think about it. Miss Morley is always mindful not to piss off the host country. Besides, what’s the return on the investment of crowning an American for the Miss World Organization? That’s right, NADA. Most Americans haven’t even heard of, or watch Miss World, and U.S. television networks have and still are avoiding this pageant like the plague.

    When Miss World crowned an American in 2010 in the hope of broadening interest for the pageant in the United States, it created hardly a ripple in America’s collective imagination and that was a reality check moment for Morley. Even today, the possibility of the USA ever hosting the pageant is ZERO.

    So it begs the question again: why crown an American? What’s in it for Julia and her organization? Julia Morley’s prospects for a new queen would be better, more safely, invested elsewhere. And Julia’s learned that lesson the hard way.

  4. This could be a good year for the USA where Olivia Jordan might do better than her predecessor and grab a top7 placement, or better. She fits the Morley prototype all right. That second photo (top right) reminds me of Helen Morgan (UK) who won Miss World in 1974.

    PS: Although she lives in California, Olivia is actually a native of Oklahoma, a real country girl, an Okie! Coincidentally, the date of the Miss World pageant, Sept. 28, is also Jordan’s birthday. Will Julia Morley grant her birthday wish?

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