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  1. some people are just more emotional and paranoid than the actual girls on stage

    I wish you guys would stop bashing Ara or Janicel specially in comparing them to Megan……………. Even Megan herself will not agree with what the bashers are saying against her pageant sisters…. can we just love and support all of these women?

    Ara- for all her efforts and improvement… you can say all you want about her communication skills- but the girls is a very smart woman. She has a college degree from UP and not just from any course, but a technical subject matter. So when youre referring to someone smart- maybe you should look at her CV before you call her otherwise… and she is pretty—- and she has the MUP crown to prove that whether you like it or not… now, why some people would be happy about someone’s failure is just so annoying and disappointing

    Janicel- what is wrong with you people? The girl is super young and she has achieved a lot. She worked hard to get to where she is and she still has a long runway ahead of her…. no one can deny that she gave Megan a good fight, winning the key awards in MWP. And I dont know with all of you — but only liars will say they did not for once, thought Janicel could stage an upset against Megan during the coronation night……. She is younger than most if not all of you guys here—- so the fact that you are putting a young girl down is so low!!!!!!!!!

    Now for everybody’s girl MEGAN…. there is no debate about her beauty, wit and charm!!! There is no denying that she can win MW for the Philippines for the first time. So please lets not elienate other people by putting their own bets down…. wouldnt it be nice to be in one camp this time cheering for one girl like Megan???? MW is the first major title to be staged this year…. lets just support MEGAN without making other girls look bad… it will just reduce her supporters and divide the house. Remember the last time we enjoyed so much favoritism was during Carlene’s time—- where not just Pinoys but the rest of the world were one in sayin Carlene should be Ms World!!!! Now we have another girl that can potentially win it all for us…. so let’s learn from our mistakes from Carlene’s time—- good vibes lang PUEDE????

    Megan herself will tell you to stop bashing Janicel and Ara- I love how she handled the interview becoz she choosed to focus on the beautiful things over and above intrigues… she could have easily say something negative or just look annoyed but she was very gracious in the interview…. now if only her supporters can learn the same thing tsk tsk

  2. Guys don’t based it on looks only. Remember this is Ms. World, and I’ve got the top three winners in the last four years. Here is how I see it. Miss World 2012 is Miss Philippines Megan Young Why? She’s the prototype that Julia Morley always look in her winners. Megan is stunning, gorgeous body, good speaker, obedient, easy to work with, humble, doesn’t have an ego etc. etc. I know once Julia meets this girl she will go gaga just like the rest of us. Second place is Ms. Ghana. Why? She has strong “Beauty with a Purpose” and she doesn’t want an African to be excluded, so that her pageant won’t look racist. Third is Ms. France. A European from time to time must be included in the top five. There you guys I might be off by putting Ghana as second place, but I have a strong feeling it might happen. With Megan I can feel this is really her year, and the stars are align in her favor. The number three is always lucky for Ms. Philippines. I will tell you all about it next time.

  3. Janicel is a stunner, but I think, she’s exaggerating her life story to get the attention of the organizers.

  4. Oh megan… even in tagalog you sound so credible and endearing!…..youre definitely “The One”…. ! I guess its time for everyone to be excited about Miss World again….thanks megan

  5. Megan has a lot of class. As the saying goes, you can never buy class or pedigree, because you were born with it. Megan didn’t use her being a celebrity to get what she want out of this pageant. She humbled herself by starting at the very bottom. The other girl got special treatments from the organizers and it showed. Even now after the pageant, there are still lots and lots of skeletons coming out of the closet. The fans are not stupid and they can sensed it from what transpired from the national telecast. To me the girl can’t take it , that is why she was sobbing. I guess she thought that the story of her life being a maid was the key to success to win the crown. It didn’t happen thank God. Sometimes I feel this kind of stories has been used so much already and it’s not even interesting anymore. There’s a place for that cheesy stories, and it belong in one of those Teleserye. The story of Megan is more interesting to me and more inspirational. Just think a celebrity who is famous already humbled herself to pursue her dream of becoming a beauty queen, and without guarantee that she will win , and jeopardized her whole career. If you are Selfless and you answer from the heart you win, but if you’re Selfish and you cheated by memorizing your answer you loose. There you go we learn something today Selfless vs Selfish. Megan good luck and win that crown, because you truly deserve it young lady. You have our support till the very end.

    • right on Ernest 🙂
      by the way can you say “selfless selfish shellfish” 3x without getting tongue twisted ?
      bud? would you dare 🙂

      • you forgot the word “selfies”…. so now try saying:

        “selfless selfish selfies shellfish”

        We know Megan is selfless, and Ara has the selfies, so does it mean Janicel is the selfish shelfish??

  6. Megan displayed poise & eloguence vs janicel in the mwp 2013 finale. Megan was just the total package. Hands down. As comparing her to ara I believe that the 2 hv different personalities and I think aces & queens are working to the hilt to bring the best in them. Lets just wish them the best please. No more bashing. Peace :=)

  7. Mas intimidated pa siguro si janicel quesa Megan! English to english na lang basehan!

  8. Megan is so diplomatic. When she answered the question about Janicel, she turned it around and rather than make it an issue about herself being “intimidated”, Megan instead took the opportunity to highlight Janicel’s strenghts and praised her to the hilt and referred to Janicel as inspiring. Megan is so great at quickly thinking on her feet and giving all the right answers! Very Miss World indeed!

  9. Yet another great interview from Megan! WOW! Here, she shows she’s just as fluent in Taglog as she is in English. And what I like about her, besides her candor and humility, is that she always completes her sentences and she always expresses whatever she’s saying coherently and is never shy about making her thoughts known. She always makes great eye contact with the interviewer. She’s very level-headed and has an engaging personality, and as beautiful as she is, she has both feet on the ground at all times. And she’s consistent in all her interviews that I’ve watched her in. SHE IS SO READY and yet her alotted training time is less than 2 weeks before she boards that plane for Indonesia! I’m so proud of her representing the Philippines.

    Wish I could say the same thing about that other one who loves to experiment with make-up and has had more than 4 months of training with little to show for it except a new pair of colored contact lenses and new lipstick. Sorry folks, but it’s true. LOL!

  10. The Last TWO standing in Jakarta on September 28th: PHILIPPINES and SPAIN!!

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