6 comments on “Albanian Kristina Bakiu for MU2013

  1. While I’m impressed by the first 2 pics, her third (last) photo is meh. Not a good selfie. Another reason why beauty queens should stop uploading selfies.

  2. Albanian rep last year is equally beautiful but went unplaced. But since it’s gonna be held in Russia, girls from Central Europe have greater chances to be in the cut.

  3. I love her magazine cover shot. It seems that the Europeans are really sending their best bets this year. But then again, so are the other countries. MU2013 will be very exciting with a lot of beautiful ladies competing.

  4. Kung ganito kaganda ang isang babae, walang sinumang congressman ang mag-aatubiling laspagin ang kanyang pork barrel, maangkin lang ang kanyang nagsusumidhing alindog.

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