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  1. MW2004 was not a test of who is beautiful but who has more avid fans. I did not like the idea at all. Though I would want a Filipina to win the MW crown, I want it to be someone who is deserving. In the case of Karla, admittedly, she is one of the least beautiful Filipinas to have competed in MW. Her inclusion in the top 5 was a clear result of fanatic voting and not by beauty. I believe that to determine if a Filipina beauty queen is of caliber and deserving of the crown, it has to come from the eyes of non-Filipinos. When foreigners start rooting for her and foreign pageant sites start including her in their top bets such as in the case of Venus, Shamcey and Janine at MU, then we can say that she is a Filipina that is to be proud of.

  2. Ms worLd is boring to watch…….Unlike Ms Universe where your hearT aLmost stops from beaTing…
    But infairness to them, they aLways have a greaT stage background, unLike Ms universe.
    anyways, I wouLd Like to share anoher latest pics of Ara Arida….. she is starting to gLow now….

    • Gosh what an awful pic of Ara to post… Her handlers should know better. Ara looks good but to show her in line at a buffet WTF?! Makes her look less regal and puts her in a situation looking cheap. Can you imagine Megan in a picture like this?
      Ara’s handlers should be careful at controlling her public persona. She deserves to look like a queen. Don’t put her in situations like these please

      • acTuaLLy, that photo of Ara was taken on a party for officiaLs of Laguna thats why there’s a buFFet……in one of the photos, you can aLso see her with actress-comedienne Angelica Jones which is now a Board Member in 3rd district of Laguna..I shouLd know because Im aLso from Laguna….

    • I assume it was shot during her cheat days or she’s getting the plate for someone else.

  3. Aling julia crown 2 chinese girl! Baka bigay na niya sa finas ang korona this year. Isasalinn ng china ang crown sa filipinas sabay sabi ni juliana peace!

  4. hi kuya norman, if evangeline pascual was offered the crown and title, would that be a record for the phippines being the country of the year, for margie moran also won miss universe. 2 crowns in one year for the philippines before india in 2004?..that would be awesome, right?

      • and India also won Miss U and Miss World in 2000. Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra respectively. 🙂

      • ..and India made a back to back victory in Ms World… 1999 & 2000..
        just a trivia, did you know that Sweden was the first country to win Ms WorLd in 1951, and aLso the firsT countRy to make a back to back victory in Ms WorLd? (1951 &1952)

    • kelan kaya magkaka.ganun ang pilipinas. atat ako maxado. 2 or more crowns in one year tas back-to-back pa. let’s do this philippines

      • meroN nman taUng back to back ah…..at 3 times in a row pa..Ms Photogenic in Ms Universe (2005,2006, 2007)..hehehe….
        and anOther trivia, the Philippines has the most Ms Photogenic award in the history of Ms Universe with 7… (1971, 1973, 1996,1997, 2005,2006,2007)

    • i remember being told that judge Gregory Peck (actor) didn’t like her to assume the crown

  5. Mr. Norman, I think Evangeline PascuaL was onLy offered the duties & obLigatons, noT the crown and tiTLe….which is very unfaiR…. thats wHy she decLined….. Then the 2nd Runner up (Ms Jamaica) accepted it. But stiLL the Ms World 1973 titLe retains to Ms USA.

    • That’s right. Evangeline was only offered the duties.

      I’m glad Evangeline did that, she was deserving to win the title, and because of a tie in the end, the American judge who was the head judge that time, gave the final vote to USA.

    • i remember being told that judge Gregory Peck (actor) didn’t like her to assume the crown

  6. There are military regimes in Asia with more transparent means of selection than the Miss World Organization. It baffles me that it has lasted this long as it has…

  7. Norman,why Miss Philippines never won in Miss World? I think filipinas are beautiful, intelligent and graceful..

    • Hard to answer your question, Helena. But during our most promising years (1973, 1993, 2003 and 2011), there is always one or two girls that Julia Morley preferred over ours.

    • It is because Mrs MorLey is a British gaL who prefers Western EuropeaN gaLs… You can see it because They aLways win especiaLLy the UK region such as WaLes, Scotland, England, Northern IreLand..they are aLways incLuded in the finaLs.. UK has the mosT Ms WorLd crown but if they reaLLy are a Powerhouse in beauty Pageants, how come they dont even haVe a singLe crown for Ms Universe?…Im noT dissing out British peopLe, I love them bec my Grandpa is British tOO..
      I just dont Like how MW picks their wiNner becausE sometimes, they doNt pLay faiR.

      • correction: Venezuela has the most MW crowns with six (6)…whiLe the UK has five (5).
        but sTiLL, they aLways favored the LaTTer… how PatRiotic….

  8. Kuya norman, anu pong year sa Miss World ang may pinakamagandang production at presentation? Para po kase nakakaboring panuorin,di po gaya ng Miss Universe. Salamat po!

    • Personally, I enjoyed all the MW years hosted by Sun City in South Africa. On the other hand, I was bored to death with all the Sanya editions.

      My most favorite one though was 1997, and it’s all because of the novel and fiercely competitive Miss Thailand, Tanya Suesuntisook.

  9. Kuya Norman, sa tingin niyo,anong year po ng Miss World ang may magandang production at presentation? Para po kasing nakakaboring panuorin hindi gaya ng Miss Universe. Si Megan Young lang po ang inaabangan namin na mapanuod sa contest na yun.Sana manalo po siya at walang maging dayaan. Salamat po!

  10. Karla was robbed that night and so is Mafe Yunon. Oh well politics it is, Karla should’ve placed 1st/2nd princess the least, sheis eloquent incher answer and a gown that showed her fit body. I think that with all the pageants, Miss World is politically motivated/biased than Miss Universe as evident in previous winners. I wasnt even surprised that Gwendolyn placed 1st runner up 2 years ago, after Julia awarded that year to Cory Q. In fact Mafe and Karla are a notch above Gwen in totality.

    • Typo error : she is eloquent in her answer (3rd stanza) but of course if Megan wins that would be the merinque on a tasteless brazo de mercedes.

  11. Madame Julia Montes always has the final say on who will place.
    Proof to that is the inclusion of South Africa and British Territories in the finals year after year.
    I wouldn’t be surprise if in the future, she will declare herself as the new MW.

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