18 comments on “The Pressure on Mutya and Thanyaporn

  1. ThanyaPORN has ginger toe, bow legged and plastic surgery. She looks like Joan Rivers.

  2. Hmmmm….. Thanyaporn? What kind of an effin name is that!? It might give an instant boner for the straight male judges. Maybe she’ll get high marks from them. 🙂

    • It’s a common Thai surname. “Porn” is common female name in the country, and directly translates to “blessing.” Show some respect for other cultures.

      • Well, too bad cuz that’s unfortunate in this day and age. If you had a baby girl, would you name her PORN? Yeah, I thought so.

  3. Thailand’s first runner up finish last year was well-deserved. She was one of the bests from Thailand, but now Philippines is a lot better in terms of physical aspect.

  4. Dont be scared guys! Bravely in almost every predictions in some sites she always lands at first or second. Others say that their just scared of over hyping her so they place her at second. While Thailand’s bet landed from 10th-5th place

  5. The Thai is undeniably beautiful. But she looks tense side by side Mutya. Must be feeling the presssure of being a frontrunner herself. Mutya is at her relaxed self yet, let’s wait when she begins to turn up the heat. 🙂

  6. Miss Thailand looks fabricated sorry but she has the height and the legs but that’s about it

  7. I have yet to see a full fledge smile from Thanyaporn. Every shot is either no smile or a barely there smile. When there is a semi smile, it’s not an appealing look. On the other hand, she does have a never ending fab wardrobe. Not being nationalistic nor am I bashing, she just doesn’t appeal to me. She takes great pictutes but some of the candid shots on the internet makes me wonder what the fuss is about. Mutya has yet to hit her full stride. Jet lag and nerves may be the cause. That said, she is looking good and at times really stands out. She gets better with every new photo of her that’s posted. She’s holding her own and will be a bright and shining presence come pageant night!

    Presenting the beautiful Miss Philippines!!!

  8. Mutya Johanna :
    Very candid, fresh, enigmatic smile, unrehearsed, strong presence, beautiful.
    Rehearsed and stiff.
    Of course I’m for MJ, sweetie, need I say more? 

  9. As much as I love Mutya, she doesn’t look well rested in her pics at Belarus. Looks like she’s still battling jet lag and probably adjusting to the weather there. Mutya girl ibalik ang freshness please. God bless you

  10. I believe the Supra photographer has been sabotaging the picture’s of Mutya while they are trying hype Tranny ThanyaPORN.

  11. Mutya looks really pretty, sweet & charming but based on the pics posted by norman, the thai delegate looks more regal & sophisticated in her wardrobe. Mutya probably needs to work harder to get noticed especially by the judges. Hoping she gets into the top 5. Good luck mutya ! Bring some hope to the philippines ! Luv ya.

  12. Mutya looks overshadowed here, by the thai woman since she looks quite regal, not allowing Mutya to show off her natural beauty. This means she really need to up her game. The truth is, she is one of the few, best looking of the (mediocre) bunch and needs to really work hard amongst the tough competition. She has sacrifice so much and really needs to push even harder. Work hard Mutya and good luck.

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