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  1. I hope Juilia Morley and MWO get to see this interview!…They’ll be so impressed!

  2. Amazing interview of Megan.

    The only sad thing about it is that it made us all realize how seriously deficient Ara is in this aspect. Ara can’t match Megan’s interview skill level, not even with an entire year or even two years of training.

    That last interview of Ara where she talked about her diet lasted less than 5 minutes was filled with blank pauses, hesitation, shyness, facial contortions with her eyes darting back and forth, and half finished thoughts and incomplete sentences, that it was so painful to watch. If that was a job interview Ara wouldn’t get hired. PERIOD.

    And Ara’s had 4 months of training DAW. And her fans think the next 2 months of training will make a difference? Really?!

    • Since Ara & Megan share the same mentor, Jonas Gaffud, he and his winsome team can fix any defficiency in Ara’s interview & communication skills!… Besides, Ara has time on her side to work on any lingering ‘problem’.

  3. MEGAN speak her thought, sh dont need to memorize one paragraph para may sagot sa Q & A for me and to majority she is the right winner sa mga bitter ang pait ng panlasa diba! Sa sumasabotahe kay megan sa wiki makakarma ka rin! And god bless your soul!

  4. Finally a beauty queen who is effortlessly eloquent and sensible. She’s so natural and charming. I really hope that Ms world is fair. She can win it all!

  5. she communicates well, and her thoughts are clear and concise but shouldn’t that be expected of someone who’s a showbiz personality? The comparison with other Filipina beauty queens not having her communication skills are unfair since the other national pageant holders have not had as much experience being in the limelight as Ms. Young. She’s a pretty girl, intelligent and I wish her well in the upcoming Miss World pageant. Hopefully with her poise, beauty, and alluring confidence we’re looking at Miss World 2013. πŸ™‚

  6. Ara arida should really learn from Megan. My God! This woman is the perfect example of a Filipina Beauty Queen! Her q&a answer was definitely in need of an applause. Straight from the heart. Hindi halatang prinactice. And most of all she never fails to have all eyes set on her when she’s on stage. Bravo Megan! Definitely well-deserved! Now ho get that blue crown! 😊😊😊

  7. Outstanding! Cory Q could not have picked a better winner than Megan Young. This interview proves it beyond any doubt.

  8. Wow! She’s so articulate, relaxed and very engaging even for a 25-minute interview. She answered all the questions effortlessly and substantively without skipping a beat! I also was impressed by some of her very nuanced and thoughtful answers, and she genuinely appears to be very motivated and excited at the prospect of competing in Indonesia. There’s truly an intelligent brain behind that beauty. Her personality really shines through in this interview and becomes more beautiful the longer she talks! Honestly, this is the best interview of any Filipina beauty queen I’ve seen in recent memory. PERIOD.

    PS: I also just noticed that Megan has a more than passing resemblance to reigning Miss USA Erin Brady.

  9. She is far better than any of the reigning Binibinis or other National winners in terms of her communication skills. She does not give rehearsed pageant betty answers but expressing what’s within her that you can really feel the sincerity & she’s eloquent in doing so. 10 points for Megan, 5 points for Ariella. Sorry for the comparison (They are A&Q sisters anyway). The latter should really work hard & take this constructively. Goodluck to all our reps though (including the trans). Make us proud by winning it all!

  10. Dear Norman, please allow me to share my blog on Megan (again). Thanks.— ARIEL ALLERA, Cebu

    Thirty-nine days to go, 124 countries to best, and for only one crown to vie—Miss World 2013. Of the notable global ones, this is the only title that’s left elusive, even for some of our country’s stronger representatives. Could it have been because the strongest was yet to come? Finally, she came, she conquered, and she’s no other than Megan Lynne Young. Despite the flood outside Solaire Resort and Casino, the Filipina American beauty and youth ambassador glided up a storm onstage like a dream come true for our country (minus the cynics) that’s long been awaiting that moment—to witness the crowning of the rightful one at last Sunday’s Miss World Philippines 2013 pageant.

    With roughly two weeks between the coronation night and the first day of virtually month-long competition in Indonesia, it’s safe enough to say that Megan’s experience as an actress and T.V. personality speaks volumes of how poised she will be out there to face the music, although she’s never a pageant veteran in the first place.

    Megan Young’s face is amiable. When you look at her, you won’t say, “I like her;” instead, you will say, “I love her!” Of course, she has her share of critics, detractors, and bashers. But who doesn’t? Even the best beauty queen—Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta from India—has hers. However, that’s totally fine, because no less than those with the trained eye for beauty and grace are as loud and proud, and only their voices and judgment will amount to something in the end. As soon as Megan stepped onstage in swimsuit, “Wow!” was all I could manage to say, since it’s hard to find the right word to describe her beauty and physicality. During the evening gown parade, her charm and overall styling literally added embellishment to everything else onstage.

    Beauty, body, and brains are just some of Megan Young’s weapons in her battle for the Miss World 2013 crown come September 28. Armed with the determination to put a halt to our country’s famine since the pageant’s inception six decades ago—and wit, to boot—let’s hope and pray that she may stay poised and graceful as she represents the Filipino people in front of the world.

    In a sea of beautiful women, Megan will win the heart of everyone, no doubt. And it’s not only because she is stunning from head to toe, but more importantly, because of her passion to serve humanity. During the national pageant, she was asked: “Why do you want to be Miss World Philippines?”

    Megan replied: “A Miss World Philippines is selfless, and to be selfless, you need the heart. If I become Miss World Philippines, I will pour my heart and my soul into helping others, which is what Miss World is (all about)—beauty in giving.”

    (Thanks to my very good friend Jory Rivera of OPMB Worldwide for the photo.)

  11. Diusmio, ano ba ang aasahan nyo dyan sa bruhang si Wikipedia.
    Sinungaling yang hitad na yan, si Piolo nga e ipinagkalat nyang si Wiki na beki daw.

  12. I’m happy to hear she did not apply for BBP at all πŸ™‚

    Love love this interview!!! I have to say she should have been a great Ms U and she would be a better Ms World ….. Specially after knowing that it was really her target to win Ms World!!!!

    For the 1st time in 3 years… All the top 3 girls of MWP did not come from BBP πŸ™‚

    • Correct me if I’m wrong and excuse my ignorance, wasn’t Gwendoline and Queenrich used to be Binibining Pilipinas candidates? Just asking?

      • @pinay. Among the top three in MWP this year, none of them ever competed in BBP. Gwen and Queenie were from MWP’s 2011 and 2012 batch, respectively.

  13. Excellent communication skills, never a dull moment like pauses when delivering her answers, oozes with confidence without an air of arrogance, focused on each questions and gives a detailed answer, Megan Young will be Miss World 2013….. She truly ROCKS!

  14. cant keep my eyes off of her buck teeth and gums showing. that was a little bit unexpected 😦

    • Maybe focus on the beautiful aspect of what is being shown rather than keeping your eyes on the flaw

    • These flaws makes her human, and even more gorgeous.

      Besides, if you listen to her long enough, you’ll take away the beauty factor. The lady is smart, definitely, a gem in Philippine pageantry.

      • Well, Margarita Moran and Gloria Diaz both have buck teeth and look where it got them!

    • I’m sure Markish that you are more beautiful in person than Megan! Give her a break … She doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful! Listen to what she is saying … She gets more beautiful with each word

    • @Vendetta 711
      Thank you for the information and clarification!

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