28 comments on “The 3 Filipinas in Miss Supranational 2013

  1. Naloka ako sa press presentation get up ni Sri Lanka! Anyway Thailand looks very prepared.

    I noticed Mutya looks like Janine Tugonon. Seems like umepekto ang pagturo ni JT ng makeup and she’s applying it. Not digging it so much on Mutya tho but nonetheless she still looks pretty.

  2. Mutya uis clearly the stand-out. I don’t care about her make up and dress. Even if she wore a potato sack she will rock it.

    70 delegates this year? tsk tsk tsk. definitely below average compared to Miss Earth and even Miss International

  3. Last year’s winner from Belarus looks just plain awful. Those legs and that Shirley Temple dress! LOL!

    Sorry, but I’ll no longer follow this pageant if the organizers decide to crown another Eastern European and use other races as mere fillers!

    • Agree. The delegates this year are a downgrade compared to last year. Only Mutya is stunning, and her walk is fierce. most don’t know how to walk.

      The press presentation is horrible – only a red carpet and a banner – how embarrasing.

  4. I love Mutya but just a couple of suggestions: I wish she’d wear less make-up for these type of day events. And brighter colors would be more suitable for day activities.

  5. Mutya is gorgeous but I would’ve preferred her in a more figure-hugging dress to show more of her curves in a brighter color (red?) for this press presentation. But her energy, aura and charm more than made up for it and she clearly outshone many of the candidates during the press presentation. 🙂

  6. is miss curacao preggy? hahah.. dont get me wrong, its just my observation. or is it her dress thats making her look like that. the globular abdomen made me to raise an eyebrow 😉

  7. I would love to see the three Filipinas to have picture’s together, Hanging out together with cocktail and gown ensemble.

  8. Norms…I have noticed that Mutya’s eye shadow is too dark it looked like a black eye. Since she’s wearing black dress, with the eyeshadow she should have tone it down or mix it with a lighter color.

  9. Norms, me think that Mutya is more beautiful (physically) then the majority of the candidates… But, hell!!! Thailand glides like a swan during the presentation…

  10. Isn’t it obvious with these photos, MJ exudes an aura of freshness and her “smile”… Who among the candidates of MSN can steal that?
    Prayers for your success MJ!

  11. Looks like there are some candidates mutya needs to look out for. It’s going to be tough but I believe mutya was able to catch the organizer’s attention with her charm and catwalk hopefully the judges too

  12. Mutya, mag-ingat ka sa roommate mong si Nancy, wala akong tiwala sa mga Binay!

    Ikaw Nancy ang may kagagawan kung bakit ilang araw ng makulimlim.

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