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  1. Miss World Philippines 2013โ€ฒ Full Performance during the coronation night:

  2. Miss World Philippines 2013′ Full Performance during the coronation night:

  3. what happens if megan win miss world in indonesia, janicel becomes miss world philippines, so can janicel still become bb pilipinas universe after her reign? purely hypothetical po

  4. if i join miss world philippines, well definitely ill be expecting of winning because even if im in third sex, my advocacy is always victory,im not belong to men nor in women but im happy living in both world…………………..thank you

  5. Ibinalik lang ni april love jordan ang ibinigay ni bianca paz sa kanya ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Megan is indeed a stunner. It’s good that we chose a facially attractive candidate as Ms. World

    The outgoing queen (Queenie) – beautiful as she is – has obviously aged. Must be her Middle Eastern blood.

  7. Congratulations to Megan! She deserves the crown… and I hope she can get the first MW crown for the Philippines. Good luck, Megan.

    Thanks Norman for this very informative blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Megan deserves the crown… and I hope she can win the first MW crown for the Philippines. Good luck, Megan!

    Thanks Norman for this beautiful and informative blog.

  9. Watching last night’s pageant gave me mixed feelings of sadness and fulfillment. Here are some of the thoughts that linger in my mind while I sip coffee in our humble backyard: 1. Satisfied about the over-all results, specially my perennial fave Megan. 2. Loved the elegant gowns of Megan, Janicel and bianca paz. You’ll never go wrong with a CARY Santiago. 3. Happy that finally Mercegrace went noticed and she’s even more improved than in BBP. 4. I became an instant fan of Janicel no matter what, reminds me of Mutya Datul. She has difficulties expressing in English but she gave a good fight. I am one with the others wanting her to join BBP 2014! 5. I enjoyed listening to Kuh singing my favorite song. Now, please allow me to things i disliked the most: 1. The questions coming from diffrent people around the globe. I find it unnecessary and such a waste of airtime when all they have to ask was just a simple what is your hobby? And the likes. A casual interview from the host is much better. 3. The presentation is way too boring, nothing has changed since Cory handled it. They can’t even hold a candle to how Super Sireyna was presented to televiewers. 4. Jessa zaragosa ( oh c’mon!) 5. The commercial gap was killing me. I just hope that GMA will be the nO. 1 station all over by giving us a must-see pageant titled Miss World Phillipines and The Official Teleseryes.

    • ay oo ang haba ng commercial nakakabwisit ang GMA,antok na antok nako kagabe! ayan 2am na natapos, napuyat ang mga lola! hahaha

  10. Hi, Norman! Please allow me to share my thoughts again (on last night’s Miss World Philippines 2013 pageant). Thanks. — ARIEL ALLERA, Cebu

    Perhaps due to lack of sponsors, GMA had to bloat its commercial break by rerunning its soap operas and sitcoms (to a point of annoyance!) during its coverage of last night’s Miss World Philippines 2013 pageant. The redundancy was unbelievable I’d already lost count before I snarled at the boob tube for procrastinating each segment that I could no longer stay to see the Question & Answer. Last night’s shift was two hours earlier than usual, so I had to head off to work after the Evening Gown competition.

    I thought the organizers had learned from their past mistakes—boring the televiewers to sleep—but then, it’s still the same draggy, lousy show they’ve come up with for this year. Nevertheless, most of their candidates had excellent catwalk skills during the Swimsuit competition, although it’s sad to see the best gown was worn by a candidate who wasn’t even as graceful as she should be for winning the Best in Gown award. And it’s impossible not to have said that Miss World Philippines 2013 candidates glided better than many of this year’s Binibining Pilipinas candidates.

    Thank God, seriously, that the judges chose actress Megan Young to represent our country to the Miss World pageant in Indonesia come September 28. I couldn’t care less how far more articulate the others were (as I said, I missed the Q&A), but I think only Megan and the first princess, Janicel Lubina, were real stunners among the five finalists, unlike last year, wherein any of the four—the eventual winner down through the third princess—could have snatched the crown.

    Kudos to the organizers for such a classy stage, and again, for winding up the night with our country’s best Miss World delegate, so far. With only forty one days en route, we can all relax knowing that we’re being represented by our nation’s cream of the crop.

  11. Kasumpa-sumpa ang ganda’t alindog ni Megan.
    At sa sobrang ganda nya ay nagmukhang madrasta ang bruhang si Queenie.
    I can smell the Miss World Crown.
    And on 2014, Miss World will be held in the Philippines.

  12. Diusmio Barbaridad Perez y Katiklan,

    Naiwan na ko sa mga komento ng sangkabaklaan.
    Nanalo ang kumare kong si Megan.
    At sa sobrang pagka-excite ko ay nakagat at naisubo ko nanaman ng sagad at wagas ang pototoy ng jowa kong si Facundo Montecarlo.
    Sa nagsusumidhing damdamin ay na-lock ang pototoy nya sa aking magandang bunganga.
    Isinugod kami sa St. Luke’s Hospital, nakasabay pa nga namin sina Shaina at JL, I asked them what happened, na-lock rin daw, bwahaha.
    Ngayon lang kami na-discharge ni Facundo, and here I am now, celebrating for my Kumare’s victory.
    Grabe, ipinatawag pa ng St.Luke’s ang MMDA, matanggal lang ang bunganga ko sa alaga ni Facundo.
    Haaaay Megan, kalunus-lunos at karimarimarim ang inabot ko, pero okay lang basta nakamit mo ang tagumpay.

    Megan Young, 69, Moro-Moro Street, Appointed-in-Disguise, Olongapo City!



  14. The gowns are impressive. Compared to BB gowns and styling these are so much better. They look modern and sophisticated.
    Megan is radiant! She is looks so chic, cool and modern. I really hope she is given a fair chance in Indonesia. She can win the crown if the pageant is fair.

  15. I just watched the final Q&A on YouTube. Is it just me, or did Janicel just deliver a MEMORIZED speech? Is so, does this mean that Cory Q gave Janicel the Q&A question in advance? Seems like Cory herself wrote that damn speech. LOL!

    • It was rehearsed (over and over again, I reckon) alright. I don’t want to make any conclusions but the ladies must already be sounded off on what the final question would be (without the exact words spilled verbatim). Not a surprise. So it will all boil down on sincerity of delivery, I guess. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • ๐Ÿ™‚ It was obvious Janicel’s speech wasn’t her own as it was way over the top. Couldn’t they have toned it down a bit? But I guess Cory’s speech writers got too carried away! LOL!

        But you’re right. The delivery is the thing. And Megan delivered. Thank heaven for that!

  16. Bud ? Now that the dust has settled in just concluded MWP 2013, NEXT STOP …. Miss World 2013 and here are my top three, so far and in no particular order.
    LET THE GAMES BEGIN ! yeehaaw !

    Live ! From Indonesia, the 2013 MISS World !

  17. i know! n man n kayang kaya, n megan ang beuty cntes n yn. ikaw n ang pag ba2 ng philipns.

  18. congratulations to all the winners ! to megan the best of luck to MW 2013. To norman thanks for such great coverage of MWP2013. Mabuhay ang pilipinas !

  19. sorry to say ANG LAYO NI ARA KAY MEGAN, sa tindig, ganda, ktawan at confidence. gusto ko nanalo sa ms world phils deserving kaysa bb pilipinas lutong macao

    • You know what dude, Megan could have won the Bb.Pilipinas Universe 2013 title but you see, she was disqualified. Conservative as it may seem but BPCI has an existing rules that disqualifies applicants with sexy pics in magazines or in other media instruments or even in social media. I think even ABS-CBS knows that it was a loss on their part but they cannot just bend the rules for her. They’ve consistent on that aspect and lets accept that. And let’s not belittle Ara, I dont think her being the winner was a “lutong macao”. She has the beauty, the height and the brains dude. Mayve Megan’s edge over Ara is her confidence because her experience as an actress for years. Let’s just support both of them. This calls for nation’s support as 1 to both of them, and let’s not divide the public to take sides.

      • That agree wad for#rj. However, #angelo has a valid point…

      • @rj- you make a very rational and neutral point. also, isnt Megans father white? So if your gonna compare a half american to a full filipina, theres obviously gonna be a difference in their looks because their genetic make up is different. the point is both girls are beautiful in their own unique way. although i think megan would do great in miss u, i think for the firs time in a reaaaallly long time, Philippines has a real shot of winning Miss World. Wouldnt it be great if Megan could bring home that honor? To be the very first Miss World Philippines?

  20. I wonder which Fast Track event we can that rely Megan will ace? Last year, Queenie had an amazing beatboxing talent which could’ve easily landed her the Talent award. Gwendoline was Top Model material with her androgynous looks and gigantic frame.

    • The answer is so simple.. BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE fast track… How many MW2013 contestant have been doing charitable works since age 16 and appointed personally by our president himself as youth Ambassador of the country? The all new MULTIMEDIA AWARD is also perfect based on her decade of Media exposure. She could possibly be a shoo-in for the Beach Fashion because her beautiful face, neck and decolletage can rock any sarong.. There is no doubt that she has talent because she’s an actress. She just have to work on that singing piece and add some more acting. And she may not be as tall as Gwendoline but her catwalk and pasarela is not something you can easily ignore. The Question and Answer of the recent MWP2013 proves that she has the intelligence and sincerity of a true beauty queen. There is no doubt that she has all the qualities of a Miss World Winner!

  21. Thanks for the great coverage Norman. Great predictions too.

    Henceforthwith, without delay, and I say this in my best fake British accent, I Casper, dub thee intrepid blogger called Norman the fair, THE pageant guru par excellence and good friend to all the pageant trolls of this realm!

  22. Hi Norman,
    Your blog shows Megan as 2013 Miss World Philippines but when I check Wikipedia its Janicel? I’m confused Wikipedia shows Megan as a 2nd Princess.

    • Its ok now….Wikipedia corrected the result showing Megan as Miss World Philippines 2013.

    • Wikipedia can be accessed/controlled by malicious individuals, so its eventual correction was just made by a non-bitter and/or straight-thinking follower.

  23. Next stop Megan Young’s crowning of Philippines first Miss World, she’s just uber gorgeous, you guys are right, standing next to Megan turns you into a wall flower, that’s how stunning Megan is!
    Congratulations Megan!!!๎Œซ

  24. Very predictable winner I must say. Congrats to Megan! Go get Ph’s 1st Ms World crown!

    Side hirit: Janicel Lubina for BBP2014! Sorry for being selfish but I really don’t want her to win so she can still join BBP. Pang Ms Universe ang beauty nya.

    • I agree, I love them both.. I guess it’s a good thing that Megan joined MW instead because now not only did she win by a landslide, she now could redeem our country by winning the our most elusive crown. ๐Ÿ™‚

      For Janicel, this is perfect. She could now join BBP2014 and then win with no doubt.She just needs to internalize her answers but beyond that she’s perfect. There is still a lot of time to train and by 2014, she will win!

      • Wishful thinking lang ako na lumipat ng A&Q si Janicel for her to have a bigger chance on MUP ;p And she needs to attend those Dale Carnegie courses as well as Speech Power to hone her communications skills. I hope her handler can consider this.

        Speaking of Megan, I’m surprised also that she won Ms. Bench body ba yun? There are other candidates who deserves this award better than her. Facially, it’s Megan, no doubt about it. Pero body wise, andaming di hamak na mas ok katawan kaysa sa kanya. Her lower body is not that toned considering that she’s very hippy pa naman.

  25. Ang sarap ng pakiramdam, para akong nilabasan ng limang beses, pwede pa ako ulet ng tatlo. Pamunas nga !

  26. Just when we were losing hope and intetest in MW, Megan’s crowning brought us all back to hope and now we will watch MW with great fervor. Whether it’s a ploy on Julia’s part or not, I pray from the depths of my Soul that this time The Philippines wins the MW crown. Megan more than deserves that blue crown. Hopefully, Julia, once again, will not throw us another bone just to keep us interested. Whatever the case, Megan is my Miss World 2013!!!

    • i don’t know what happen to the pageant,cause megan is not accept for the miss world,hindi mgand ang kinlbsan cause my ksamang pandarya!!i hope n bingay nalng ky megan laht d n sana ng pageant,msydo syang bilib sa self nya!

      • crab mentality will never get you anywhere! megan is the only one who really stood out among all the contestants. beauty & brains! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ‘

  27. Hinakot na megan lahat ng especial award total 8! Nagtaka lang ako hindi niya nakuha ang ms.photogenic sabi nga ng karamihan megan babaing walang angulo Anyway congratulations Ms.Megan Young Ms.World 2013 Filipinas natupad ang dream ng karamihan we will support your journey to indonesia I will pray you will be the first pinay to bring home the blue crown!

    • OA na daw pag sya pa nanalo ng Ms. Photogenic… give chance to others naman daw.. Infairness to Janicel, it is really amazing that her pure Filipina beauty looked as gorgeous as our beloved Megan young. Imagine, Queenie Reman, MWP 2012 herself did not even look equally beautiful beside her.The Award should be change to “Ms. Photogenic beside Megan Young”.

      • eh face pa naman ang pinaka maganda kay megan! Yun pa hindi nakuhang award! ? Anyway siya naman ang winner! Kahit isang dosenang ms.photogenic ang hindi niya makuha! Basta kanya na ang koronang pula!

  28. Congrats Megan.. Thanks Norman for keeping us updated.. Just want to ask your opinion on which event runs better as a whole, bb pilipinas gold or mwp ’13.. As well as how the candidates handled their Q&A?

      • Norman, are you going to write a blog post re: Megan’s chances in Miss World? Perhaps a pre-arrival list of favorites of yours? Or perhaps we can we talk about Megan’s weaknesses. Before people lash out on me, umm, i know she is perfect – you can field her in any pageant now, heck even in MU, and could still place really high – but she must correct her flaws no matter how minimal they are.

  29. I cannot wait for Miss World in September! Im really confident that Megan is a great representative for our country and Im looking forward to see what she can do.

    • Queenie must have done it on purpose to balance her looks while standing next to her. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • @ Queen b
        It was fixed after the show, put around the buns not on top of Megan’s head the Queenie did.

  30. hi kuya norman, your instinct towards pageantry is so intense. it seems that you already predicted on whose head the crown shall fit. youre a guru. bowdown ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. I hope Janicel Lubina joins Bb…she is really for Ms Universe…and I love you Megan Young!!!!!….hope you bring the 1st Ms. World crown to the Philippines!!!

  32. This is a great day for Philippine pageantry! CONGRATS to the new queen, Megan Young!!!

    PS: Looking at Queenie’s photo with Megan (above) made me realize one thing: never stand next to Megan because you’ll end up looking less beautiful. Just look at Queenie! Then look at Megan. SEE!!!

  33. I love you Megan Young!

    Today she conquered the Philippines.. tomorrow the World!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Congratulations Megan ! Ms World Philippines 2013 . I wish you all the best in Ms World 2013 . Thanks Norman for all the news and updates . Good job ! Keep up ! All the best ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Bagay na bagay sa kanya yung crown…. Ito lang yata ang edition ng national pageant na naging very predictable…..she really deserves the title!!!
    Halos lahat ng networking sites, xa ang isinisigaw na manalo hindi lang dahil sa artista xa kundi she is really perfect to be a Queen…. and may “K” na magrepresent ng Pilipinas sa International Pageant. I Love U Megan!!!!!!

  36. Yey!ang pangarap ng mga bekis natupad na..Congrats Megan!Malaki na ang chance ng Pilipinas sa MW.

  37. megan wins yipeee! janicel 1st princess my two fav and for that ms world phils set of winners are far way better than bb pilipinas gold winners. yeheyyy

  38. She deserves it!!!…Congratulations Megan young…and goodluck in Indonesia Miss World 2013!!!

  39. Norman: Thank you for the excellent coverage! Congratulations to the new MWP, Megan Young!

      • Sorry Norman you won’t be going to Bangkok to have a sex operation after all, because Megan won. It was fate and destiny after all. To Ms Cory Quirino you are the best, because you listen to what the fans are saying not only in the Philippines but also abroad. To Norman you truly are the best. You truly deserve to be called Mr. Blogger International, Universe and world. And finally, to the new goddess of the Philippines you truly are bless. God sure know how to reward sincere people. Your answer in the final question was precise to the point, not sugar-coated or cheesy. You made your country unite, because you were their choice and the queen of their heart. The world awaits you.

      • Aaawww, Ernest. Thanks for the kind words. And I can always go to Bangkok, with or without the operation. Hahaha

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