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  1. I think we should fight fire with fire and launch our own positive media blitz about Megan Young, and build on her international profile.

    I alerted Nick Verreos – an American fashion designed and Fashion Runway alumni – about Megan’s recent crowning, and he just wrote an article about Megan Young’s victory:


    Here’s what he had to say about Megan in her evening gown:

    “Gown Perfect: Megan looked STUNNING during the evening gown portion of last night’s contest. I absolutely LOVED this royal blue and silver sequined see-thru gown with plunging neckline and satin waistband. The gown was superbly made; looked red carpet appropriate; not at all “Pageant Betty”..in other words: I Approve! The hair and minimal accessories also finished off the look perfectly. This woman knows what she is doing (or at least she’s got a team around her that does!).” – Nick Verreos.

  2. ALERT:

    Megan’s Wikipedia bio states that she was previously married but that her marriage lasted only a year. Hmmmm… it’s the first time I’ve heard of this. If this “marriage” story was planted to sabotage Megan in an effort to disqualify her, she or her management team should fix this Wiki entry asap and find a way to secure it so not just anybody can edit it. We have less than 6 weeks before the Miss World pageant and potentially damaging distractions like this one should be nipped in the bud immediately so Megan can focus on winning the blue crown.

    Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megan_Young

    • It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Megan was crowned and someone’s already planting false stories about her in Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia of half-truths, LOL! It seems the saboteurs have been deployed early, sad to say.

      If this was a whodunnit, who would you say stands the most to gain if Megan were to step down or forced to resign?

  3. Sa totoo lang nagandahan ako sa blue gown ni megan simply elegant saka kitang kita relax na relax siya sa gown niya kung blue din yung gems sa crown effect na effect! Halata naman kabisa yung sagot ni janicel! We need megan who can speak her thought,No debate Megan deserve the crown! nagcheck ako sa misso madami rin foreigners nagandahan kay megan!

  4. Try checking the vid at fb.com/tambaymunatayo

    You need to scroll down to find the MWP video. Not complete but the best I’ve seen so far.

  5. Sorry but Janicel should just answer in Tagalog. Thank god she did her homework and memorized an answer so obviously assembled by her gay wards that fortunately suited the question. and I don’t know her teeth bugs me

  6. Diusmio Barbaridad Perez y Katiklan,

    Naiwan na ko sa mga komento ng sangkabaklaan.
    Nanalo ang kumare kong si Megan.
    At sa sobrang pagka-excite ko ay nakagat at naisubo ko nanaman ng sagad at wagas ang pototoy ng jowa kong si Facundo Montecarlo.
    Sa nagsusumidhing damdamin ay na-lock ang pototoy nya sa aking magandang bunganga.
    Isinugod kami sa St. Luke’s Hospital, nakasabay pa nga namin sina Shaina at JL, I asked them what happened, na-lock rin daw, bwahaha.
    Ngayon lang kami na-discharge ni Facundo, and here I am now, celebrating for my Kumare’s victory.
    Grabe, ipinatawag pa ng St.Luke’s ang MMDA, matanggal lang ang bunganga ko sa alaga ni Facundo.
    Haaaay Megan, kalunus-lunos at karimarimarim ang inabot ko, pero okay lang basta nakamit mo ang tagumpay.

    Megan Young, 69, Moro-Moro Street, Appointed-in-Disguise, Olongapo City!

  7. I just watched the top 5 q and a and i watched it twice… If you are to analyze and digest Megan’s answer, it wasn’t aimed to the fquestion “why do you want to be Miss World Philippines?”.. Very inderect response.. she could have simply said, I want to be Ms. World Phil because of its advocacy (being selfless, beauty wt a purpose,) and because i want to be of service and to serve whole heartedly.

    But then again, her answer was enough to make her our representative for the MW2013.. Having said that, Janicel’s answer is way too much well rehearsed, but kudos to her for delivering a good memorized answer….just saying…

    • She doesn’t have to say those thing because most of us already know that she’s been doing a lot of charitable works way before her joining MWP2013.. It would be extremely redundant to directly say it as what you mentioned. For those people who have been a witness to her growing up, It is very obvious that she’s talking based on experience thus, her sincerity shines through. As for Janicel, what she is saying is also based on her own experience but I know for a fact that if she had the choice of saying it in her own Tagalog words, she would elaborate more on how she experienced poverty and what she did to change her life. I love both these girls and they both are fit for an International Beauty title, it just happens that they can’t do it on the same pageant at the same year.

  8. Wow as in wow! Guys we should not be complacent yet!. Since there is a very short time to hype her as our candidate, she needs all our help for her secure a spot in the finals of Miss World. Someone now should edit her Wiki Article mentioning her winning points and other credentials. It has to be established to ensure that she would win the BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE or the new MULTIMEDIA AWARD. Let’s spread the News!

  9. Agree!… Blue compliments the Regal beauty of Megan. Her blue gown is simple but it enhances Megan’s gorgeous face and skin tone, do love it!
    Congrats to the designer of Megan’s blue gown, job well done!

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