11 comments on “Just a quickie photo of Mutya Datul

  1. Sorry, typo error….expandable……regarding the issue how tacky the luggage/bags are….not really, they all go to the plane cargo belly and in the hotel, the concierge wl take care of them, as long as she has a descent purse & carry on/tote bag( signature ones if she has), she is ready to rock Belarus…that’s why girls should invest on BAGS…even just ONE….that must go with any outfit

  2. Actually I hv those in different sizes…..if not in use, u can fold them as small as a clutch…practical indeed….being an airline crew…this is a must for travellers

  3. Actually those black expandle bags are practical for her to use, more space ,so she can bring more stuff( more choices of dresses/gowns/accessories & shoes and don’t forget the huge nat’l costume), lighter , no need to worry about excess weight coz the airlines charge no matter what

  4. Ang malalaking tanong, pinaglalabhan kaya at tinanggalan ng mga surot ang mga recycled gowns,dresses,costumes at panties.

    Bukbok, surot, hanep, pulgas, garapata, agiw, amag at anay, ilan lang yan sa mga dabarkads ni Madame Stellalu.

  5. Can;t BPCI even invest on a high quality luggage bag/s? Those black ones aren’t even waterproof. This beautiful lady is carrying the weight of the nation. She represents us more than herself.

    Good thing Mutya is simply adorable she can divert attentions from her bags by simply smiling.

  6. Glad to see she got rid of those Shirley Temple curls she had on at her send-off gathering.

    Good luck Mutya!

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