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  1. Kabugera talaga ang Ninang Norman ko, kahit nakaupo e career ang pag-pose, hand on the waist at nganga kung nganga. Minsan nakakakaba ang pagnganga, mamaya may mag-landing na eroplano sa bibig mo, tyak headline ka.. Btw Ninang, are you watching it live on the venue? You have any cues on who will be the judges. Pero sana, at dapat walang mga judges, because who are we to judge? We’re all just humans. I Thank U!

  2. Mama Norman, Raymund Golez here from my personal blog, thoughtsthatmatters.wordpress.com,

    Had a blast with our fellowship and conversation. Looking forward for more!
    Anyway, Carol’s surname is RAMORAN, I was seated beside her, remember? haha!

    Am I going to see u tonight? =)

    • Raymund, it’s raining heavily in my part of the metro and the flooded streets are major causes for concern. 😦

      Btw, thanks for updating me about Carol. 😉

  3. Kuya norms you look good sa suit mo! Ganda ni maam joyce ka aura ni megan young sabagay pareho silang 1/2 american!

  4. Now since all of you bloggers were at the same table, did you guys ever discuss and reach a conclusion about what really happened to NICOLE MARABLE? (thunder, lightning, crash, crash!!)

    And don’t think we bought into that pneumonia story either.

  5. You look dashing & very dignified-looking Norman ! It says a lot about your personality in a very good way, that is ! Kudos to you and the rest of the bloggers for all your hardwork. Luv you guys !

  6. Bud? credit to Sash Factor, would just like to share Mr. Vitug’s mind.

    CANDIDATE NO. 20 – Megan Lynne Young. This lady may be a first timer in the pageant scene, but she has extensive experience in the public eye, being a Top 6 finalist in the second season of GMA’s reality talent search Starstruck, a houseguest in rival network ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2, and a Channel V VJ, along with movies and TV shows to her credit. Her beauty excited pageant fans and pundits for a long while now, and there was heavy clamoriing for her to tip her hat in this arena for the past few years. Though due to its conservative and antiquated rules she is no longer eligible to compete in Bb. Pilipinas, it opened the door for her to compete in this pageant, and yes, this lady is the “Perceived Favorite” and thus far she delivered on her status. Is she actually going to be the “Chosen One”? If I have my way (and along with pageant fans and pundits from here and around the world), yes, she should win, and yes, she’s our best bet thus far to finally clinch that ever-elusive first Miss World crown for the Philippines.

    Though for a long while I have been advocating selecting a girl with native features as a ticket for us to make serious inroads in Miss World, it dawned on me that our best placements thus far were when we fielded mestizas (I would define mestiza in the context of one who is fair-skinned with European features). Though Evangeline Pascual sported a tan in 1973 when she garnered 1st runner-up, she is actually mestiza (and if you see her these days, she is fair complexioned–another example of a tanned mestiza was Miss Universe 1975 4th runner-up Chiqui Brosas). Miss World 1993 2nd princess Ruffa Gutierrez and Miss World 2011 1st princess Gwendoline Ruais’ European pedigrees are more obvious and apparent. Though looks alone are no guarantee in clinching the crown, the charisma and beauty Megan Young possesses is something that the world would highly appreciate and behold. The only justifiable reason why she should not be granted the title is probably if Megan choked big time during the pageant finals. The crown is hers to lose. RATING: 10!

    P.S. on the first pic I like the way you posed your left hand, it is very becoming, is this a sign that you will handle future beauty queens as your other bloggers suggested? :-0

  7. @Norms
    Nice to see you enjoying the gathering
    with all the bloggers, Ang peg mo norms with miss Joyce ann are ex Binibini title holders, you yourself is a beauty queen!
    Norms… You look skinnier than miss Joyce? Ang liit mo and looks rested cause your skin radiates ( parang may sinag ) But one thing I noticed…. You look happy!!! I hope to see you in person someday, you look great!

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