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  1. LOL! If Megan loses, angry pageant fans might storm the stage and grab the crown from Bianca’s head and crown their rightful queen. Meanwhile Cory Q will run toward the nearest exit to escape an angry mob carrying torches…

  2. It is unanimous. Megan for the win! Cory Q will be doing the country a huge disfavor and almost an unforgivable act if someone other than Megan gets crowned MWP. SERIOUSLY.

  3. That’s an Amazing news that Singspore, Indonesia were cheering for Megan, the whole pageant world were monitoring Megan’s move and coronation tonight!!!
    Who is Joseph Vitug?, does he have a blog site too?
    Megan Lynn Young R O C K S!!!

    • Pinay Gem, If you don’t know who Joseph Vitug is start doing your research. Since, 2004 I’ve followed this man’s prediction he’s always accurate with his craft. As I said earlier his ratio is about 94%, but that is even lower. He always does his homestrech prediction every year for all the big grand slam pageants of the world including Bb. Pilipinas. He’ll do his own review of each and every one of the contestants and give them a score at the end. You’ll see the scores, and he will point out the pros and cons meaning weakness of each of the candidates. The highest scores he always give is a nine, but this year I was surprised that he gave Megan Young a perfect score of ten. He usually he favors the dusky beauty to represent the Philippines, but this year he favored a Mestiza beauty. He really praised Megan a lot. Sometimes a lot of Filipinos don’t like him because of his association with Global Beauties, and by the way don’t quote me on that one. I’m not really sure on that one or is only a myth.

  4. Norman , Singapore and Vietnam has joined the bandwagon for Megan Mania. Yahoo the world is really watching.

  5. Here’s some fresh news for you for the number one blogger in the world today. People from Indonesia are really rooting for Megan Young Here’s what they were saying about her, and I’m going to typed it in bold letters. Here we go: JUST LIKE FANS AROUND THE WORLD, WE WISH AND PRAY FOR MEGAN YOUNG’S VICTORY. IN ANY OTHER YEAR, WE CAN ACCEPT THE LIKES OF JANICEL LUBINA OR BIANCA PAZ AS A WINNER, BUT MEGAN YOUNG IS JUST ON ANOTHER LEVEL FROM HER COMPETITOR’S. THIS BREATHTAKING BEAUTY HAS TO WIN! SO WILL THE RESULT WILL BE THE ONE ANTICIPATED BY MOST FANS AROUND THE WORLD? JUST WAIT AND SEE….. Their ranking are as follow; Megan Young- Miss World Philippines 2013, Janicel Lubina- 1st runner-up, Bianca Paz- 2nd runner-up, Patricia Ejercitado- 3rd runner-up, Zandra Flores- 4th runner-up. Join us on Facebook at Facebook.com/Indonesian Pageants Follow us on Twitter@Indopageants. There you go people a Southeast Asian neighbor of the Philippines, who usually bashed candidates of the Philippines are solid Megan Young fans. They want this girl to win specially it will be held in their country. People of the Philippines you should be pround of her, because through her beauty your country is the talk of the whole Pageant World. Stop being negative and be a SUPPORTER OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CANDIDATE THE PHILIPPINES HAS TO OFFER THIS YEAR.

  6. Dear Norman, I don’t think it’s a four way battle. There is only one girl that sets the standard so high this year and that is Megan. Megan is the true goddess of Philippine Pageantry this year, Every pictures frame by frame be it candid or glamorous shots this girl nailed it. In the month long activities leading to the finale this Sunday I haven’t seen any bad pictures of her. She deserve the Miss Photogenic award this year. Aside from having the most beautiful face this year she also posses one of the most beautiful body along with that swan neck. It doesn’t end there, so let us talk about credentials and accomplishment. This girl was awarded Youth ambassador by no less than the President of the Philippines, Since, the age of sixteen, she has done so many charitable causes, One of them was helping battered children and educations. She has always stressed this in many of her interviews. This will help her with “Beauty with a purpose.” Multimedia fast tract will also be one of her strongest being a celebrity. I could go on and on, but the one that sets her apart from the others is her simplicity and being a woman with substance..Julia Morley will adore her if given a chance, because of her personality, and universal appeal, I’ve known this for a fact, that she’s being watch by foreigners from the many people I talked to, Especially the Latins and European countries are watching closely. From some of the ones I talked they are awaiting the coronation night, because if ever she wins MWP’13 they will put heir first or second in their front runner list, Finally, if you read Mr. Joseph Vitug homestretch prediction, he’s given Megan a perfect ten to win it all and also predicted the front runner to win the Miss World title for the Philippines. I know this man is one picky judge when selecting a potential winner, He’s ratio is about 94%. since I followed him all this years. Also, the great Pawee Ventura also the same with his predition for both MWP and Miss World to take it all. The success of MWP Philippines will depend on the success of Megan Young. She’s the darling of the People. As I said before there is a Megan Mania and all are cheering for her until the finale. Miss Quirino should watch her steps, because a wrong move will spell disaster for her organization. I could see it for the first time that the fans of the Philippines are in agreement in crowning this goddess as their representative in the coming Miss World.

    • Yes, I totally agree with Ernest!….Besides, it’s actually Megan’s crown to lose!
      Nevertheless, she should play her cards right and not be over confident or too cocky!

      I also believe that Julia Morley has a say in the judging as well!

      Megan Lynne Young will deliver and not disappoint her supporters as her fans around the
      world are already anticipating a unanimous victory!

  7. I would be dumbfounded if Megan would not clinch the MWP crown. I think it has been a given that she will win from the beginning. Janicel Lubina will for sure give Megan a run for the crown , atong ramp and tage presence all but have this feeling she might falter in the interview. Besides I think lubina’s beauty type will be better pprciated at Miss Universe.

    Ps: I’m bracing myself for the unexpected knowing that pageants are full of surprises. Any of the other girls can win and if this happens this will be the biggest upset in Philippine pageantry this year.

    Good luck to all the lovely candidates!

  8. The stars will align to give way for Megan’s victory.
    And if she didn’t win which I think is very impossible, planets will collide.
    Nostradamus once said, ” A girl with the most scented pukelya will rule the world, she’s “Young” and will spin the world in her hands in due time.”

    Nostradamus is referring to Megan Young.,

  9. going to put my money all in for Megan!! Janicel can’t even touch her even if she has a strong walk. and even if Megan stumbles on the q & a she will still be my choice over and over again. Megan is really special!

  10. For me, it’s down to Megan & Janicel. Janicel is giving Megan a run for her money.

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