10 comments on “KF: 15 Bets for MWP2013

  1. To me, it’s Megan or NOTHING. The crown belongs to her and ONLY her. All the other candidates should just stay out of her way as she walks toward her throne to be crowned!

  2. poor rodgil flores:(…. all those candidates and all going to clap for the sole candidate of aces and queens…. megan young…. how embarassing naman…. how many times has rodgil lost to aces and queens? is it too many to count…

  3. Mother Norms, MG is from JDV originally, is it?

    I’m surprised that Zahra is under KF pala. I thought she doesn’t belong in any beauty camp.

  4. 1.Meagan Young VS.

    2. Janicel Lubina
    3. Bianca Paz
    4. Zahra Saldua
    5. Samantha Bernardo
    6. Vina Opiniano

    *Pia Ochengco
    *Zandra Flores
    *Mercegrace Raquel

  5. Kaya kayong mga boylet kayo, wag na wag nyong bubwisitin si Inday Rodgil.
    Pag sinabing hubad, hubad!
    Pag sinabing fireworks, fireworks!
    Dahil pag tinoyo ang hitad na si Inday Rodgil at napagbuntunan nya ng galit itong si Madame Whoops Cory Cory Whoops ay malamang I-pull out nya ang labinglimang dilag at 10 na lang rarampa sa pageant night na.
    Oh diba, top 10 agad!

    Inday Rodgil, 69, Malaybalay, Bataan!

  6. It’s all about Megan vs these 15 ladies….

    Got a feeling that Saldua, Bernardo, Paz, Lubina, Raquel, Ochengco, Openiano and Flores are strong contenders!

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