22 comments on “The Miss World Philippines 2013 Charity Gala Night

  1. Megan is a cut above the rest. How shall I put it? How about STAR QUALITY.

  2. The candidates looked lovely and the gowns were nice.

    I think that is a bad angle for Queenie though. The cheekbones were there but she looked quite old.

  3. SMA should learn a thing or 2 from CQ when it comes to getting NICE gowns for the candidates. Oh and there should be a maximum number of times 1 gown should be worn… With what I’m seeing now, seems like CQ has more budget compared to SMA who’s married to an Araneta. I’m sure there are a lot of local designers who are more than willing to lend or make gowns for BBP even if it’s just for the candidates.

  4. Dear Vina Opiniano,

    Where the hell were you that day? Everyone hardly noticed you!
    I was hoping that by now your already in the Zone and working your way to the TOP 5.
    I know you have high potentials but you have to exert some effort.
    Study your face, do some research and do whatever you can to redeem yourself.
    Please stop wearing your hair FLAT.
    Your face is already flat to begin with, literally and figuratively.
    Your face lacks the ideal contours that will attract attention from afar.
    I’m not telling you this to break your spirit.
    These flaws can simply be fixed with the right make-up and styling.
    There is still enough time to take the leap.
    I suggest that on the coronation night, wear your hair big.
    Imagine Shamcey Supsup and Janet Jackson’s love child.
    By the power of make-up, contour those cheeks and deepen those eyes.
    Practice your pasarela, show off your body, make a statement.
    You got the goods, you just have to use it.

    I hope to see you become a princess on the coronation night!

    Yours truly,

    Your Worst Critic AKA you Biggest Fan

  5. Megan Young is on top of her game…i can’t wait for the Q&A on coronation night…Megan FTW!

  6. Kng hindi c Megan ang mananalo sana c Janicel nalng bsta huwag c Bianca Paz. Sana…

  7. How come Megan is wearing a gown that hides her figure?
    Bianca Paz looks great! I love the whole styling.. Her gown is the most fashionable of all.
    Hmmm… who chose the gowns for the contestants? I sense some favoritism here..

    Don’t even think about changing the formula Ms. Q..
    ONLY Meagan Young = Blue Crown!!! 🙂

  8. Hi Sir Norms, got a reply from Nicole Marable yesterday when I tweeted you with the name @mishy522…

  9. BIANCA PAZ is the epitome of real Filipina beauty, nose and all, ajajajaja!!

  10. No award for Megan? Im thinking that since this is a charity night- they should have given an award to the girl who was able to raised the highest amount of donation for charity hehehe or is that the Heart of Ms World award?

    Anyway- good to see Janicel and Patricia doing well—- Im almost prepared for Megan to get most, if not all of the awards but looks like the other girls are giving her a good fight!

    • So many versions. So many reasons. So many intrigues. The poor girl was missing in action since Monday. I termed it as withdrawal because it is the closest to how things turned out. 😦

      • The poor girl?
        O di ba ang sabi sa cheesemunks eh sa states nanganak ang hitad?
        Tapos ngayon poor na sya?
        Kelan lang e rich sya?
        Gulong ng palad.

  11. Naks norman iba na talaga ang bigatin pa gala-gala na lang :-), syanga pala iba yata itsura ng #1 na kandidata, yong dating #1 ba ang nagwidro ?

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