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  2. I’m rooting for Mutya, but like so many others here, I prefer her styling during the BBPilipinas pageant. Her handlers should step back and seriously consider this feedback from pageant observers.

  3. Not the best styling for Mutya. She looked her best during the Bb. Pilipinas coronation night.

    But when she smiles and you that beaming look in her eyes, it just melts your heart. Am not too sure though if she is aware of her charms.

  4. Whoever styled Mutya on her sendoff seems like is planning to sabotage her :\ I hope her handlers will take note of this one if they’re not the one who’s responsible for this.

  5. Okay na sana yung article,biglang may “puso” pa sa dulo.
    Nagmukha tuloy basketball ng mga beki sa kanto.
    Anyways, I love Mutya, nung naging tindera ko ng laing at daing yan eh matapat ang batang yan.
    Hindi nangungupit, at ang mga tirang paninda,secured kung secured.
    Go Mutya!

  6. Who dresses these girls?!!! Did Stevie Wonder pick out their outfits. PLEASE ! There must be some stylish gay guy in Manila who can dress these girls without making them look cheap.
    Mutya looks good but I’m not crazy about the hair. The make could be better for all of them. It just looks too retro and cheap.
    Ara’s body looks great. Still not loving the hair though. Bad angle for her face though.
    Bea is meh.
    Cindy looks old and tired. She is way too thin.
    Pia- Still looks constipated and pained. She is so plain. I hope she’s not thinking that just because she is getting this much exposure she is a shoe in for next year.

      • Patty you are humorless. Do the words irony and sarcasm mean anything to you?

    • Finally someone who can read my mind in a way! LOL. But I think the picture was just badly taken. Probably bad angle and also composition I guess.

    • LOL @ Stevie Wonder
      Oh my Mutya, you always make me smile even when your dressed like a granma going to a funeral…
      Bea looks like one of Austin Powers’ back-up dancers w/out the 60’s blonde wig..
      The fat girl really had to have the checkerboard dress!?! I only liked Ara when I was her only fan.. kidding!.. LOL
      Nicky Blonsky ironed her hair for this ensemble, I wish Ara did the same..
      I think Velma Von Tussle did their styling…Cindy has the same hair as her though.hmm..
      In fairness to Cindy, she may look anorexic but she has the best styling of the bunch..
      As for Pia, hohummmm I’m bored… NEXT!
      I smell sabotage! hehehe

      • Closer2Fame, naloloka ako sa mga comments nyo dito ni Venus Rah! Hahaha 🙂 Stevie Wonder and Austin Powers for sure do get along pretty well ;p

  7. Okay na sana yung article,biglang may “puso” pa sa dulo.
    Nagmukha tuloy basketball ng mga beki sa kanto.
    Anyways, I love Mutya, nung nagging tindera ko ng laing at daing yan eh matapat ang batang yan.
    Hindi nangungupit, at ang mga tiring paninda,secured kung secured.
    Go Mutya!

  8. The combo of her blouse and skirt just so wrong but no bad styling can’t make this girl look bad..
    She’s still looks absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Gorgeous Mutya. She should be sent to Miss Universe. Her beauty will be wasted in this minor pageant. i wish her well and hope to win but I am not expecting as supra will probably crown another blonde eastern european

      • Ara’s “butter face” is 10 million times better than Cindy’s. Ara’s face looks healthy. Honestly, Cindy looks anorexic. How is sunken cheek bones and collar bones popping out of your skin attractive? I guess people have different opinions on beauty. I guess my “feed cindy” comment was a little too critical. Ara has muscle, Cindy looks like shes all bones. Why on earth would people think a walking pile of bones is ok?

  10. Mutya is gorgeous! But that outfit is drab and her styling is really REALLY off. Ditch the pearls, the lace, and the flat hair and then WIN.

    • Wearing a black belt to cinch her waist would have looked better..
      It’s way past last season but it could remedy the bad proportion..

  11. Only Mutya looks gorgeous here.

    As for the rest: Pia looks tired. Cindy looks depressed. Bea’s jaw and teeth look disconnected to the rest of her face. And Ara’s face looks fat. They all looked a lot better way back in April. What the hell happened???

    • I must say I agree with your observation.Well,it’s not really easy to be a Binibining Pilipinas,obviously. 🙂

    • Ara’s face looks fat, blah blah blah. You just couldn’t come up with any other negative remark so you decided to criticize her face which doesn’t even look that fat. Maybe its just the angle of the picture.

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