9 comments on “The drama in the life of Allyn Rose, Miss World USA 2013

  1. You should at least verify if something is confirmed before blogging about it. Allyn is not signed go Elite Model Mngt so her participation is unlikely. Her surgeries are schedule around the time of MW finals.

    • My bad. The news spread like wildfire on the net and she only confirmed recently on Twitter that another girl was picked. Apologies.

  2. Is this news confirmed already? I thought she was bound by a contract as Miss America or something?

  3. I am just wondering why USA is allowed to appoint their representatives for Miss World while Julia Morley requires other countries to have a separate pageant. This is not fair, isn’t it?

    • You know, Freddie, that question has been asked for the longest time. I know it’s not fair. I just wish I have a definite answer to give you. 😉

      • Also, besides being appointed, Allyn Rose is already 25, which exceeds Miss World’s age limit of “not older than 24 at the time of their national pageant (or appointment), and not older than 25 at the of the Miss World pageant.” Allyn turned 25 last May.

  4. For sure, she will be used by Madame Julia Montes to promote Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.
    Allyn will be a hit in Indonesia.
    I like her, I just like her.
    I can feel her humility and positive outlook in life.
    My crystal ball tells me that she along with Miss Ukraine are the girls to beat.

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