8 comments on “Luna Voce: the ‘voice of the moon’ in Miss Universe 2013?


  2. I like her. She’s one of the best girls Italy has ever chosen as their MU rep in recent years. However, she reminds me too much of Roz Purcell, Miss Ireland 2010. Maybe they’ll share the same top 10 fate.

  3. I think she has what it takes to be Miss Universe. She has an exotic vibe that could stand out in Russia. I hope she makes the top 16. But as we witness in the past, former Miss Earth delegates do not do well (with the exception of Miss Peru 2003 and Miss Guatemala 2010), but I hope she breaks this curse (along with Miss Costa Rica and Miss Canada)

  4. Boring beauty… You can walk down any street in Italy and find girls prettier than her.

  5. Some of her pictures looked pornish. I hope that’s not the image she wants to project.

  6. T’was 2008 when Italy made it to the top 10 of Miss Universe.
    It’s time to bring back Italy in the limelight with this simple yet appealing vixen.
    Seems like this year will be a Euro invasion, not because the venue is in Russia but for the caliber of Euro candidates.

    Poland, Great Britain, Croatia, Russia, France and Italy are some of the strong candidates to watch out for.

    Luna Mystica, 69, Malaybalay, Bataan!

  7. I know a lot of Filipina mestizas who look like her.. Too generic. NEXT!

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