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  1. From what I surmised based on what I learned and read (immediate past) : the names Janicel, Megan, Zarah, Vina, Bianca, Samantha and Patricia, etc…are probable contenders. Both Megan and Janicel’s banner carriers bought time with Janicel’s youthfulness but perfect body, Meagan has the most number of supporters in the most influencial industry, Sarah, Vina. Bianca and Samantha with the other unmentioned potential title contenders have yet to shine comes the final showing so that some handlers and supporters will also buy more time for them.. While there are good write ups that may condition minds (so they say as game plans) as to who is “a” perceived virtual winner, this is a contest of what the bearer /beholder actually has in body, mind and heart and has shown, otherwise each and every candidate should all have a write up of their own (with minimum and maximum space) – so to speak all candidates are equitably in good hands. But it’s not what we see in them. It’s what they have shown and what they still have to show to shine to their brightest at the finale in the eyes of the judges. So its no surprise if a little known will be proclaimed – then later brings home the first ever “Miss World” Title. Remember, having interpreter in world beauty pageantry is not yet passe!! Every candidate has 100 % beauty of their own. Brain is always both for the wealthy and the needy. In other fields scholars oftentimes excel from their very humble beginnings because the government help them. In beauty pageants, high school graduates with the so-called “natural filipina beauties” are also given chances. I hope a natural Filipina beauty deserve a Title “Miss World Philippines” likewise, if not better to represent the country……

  2. 1.megan young
    5.megan bata
    MEGAN YOUNG Only! Beauty, brain, body, with good heart helping others. Proven she appointed by philippines president as ambassador of youth. Best representative of the philippines for ms.world 2013..

  3. Norman, my sentiment just like you Megan Young all the way. Why? I done my homework on this one. First of all a Beauty Pageant is like History subject, you have to dig to the subject matter. With the advent of Internet this is easily done. Second you have to go to a specific archive of a particular person to get the information’s you need about her eg. Bio-Data, etc. etc. This is why Megan Young intrigues me a lot about her. I know a lot of you know her as a TV actress or TV hostess, but there is more to this beautiful woman that you probably don’t know about. She has done so many charitable causes over the years since the age of sixteen. Helping battered children and helping youngsters through their educations, and many more worthy charity causes. Do you guys know also that in 2012 she was awarded Youth Ambassador by no less than the President of the Philippines. I would say to achieved that you have to be a unique person to get the attention of the leader of your country. My question now to anyone here, Have you done anything like these good deeds to achieved the merit that was bestowed on her? Maybe not. This is why I’m rooting for her to win her national pageant, and eventually win the Miss World title this year. Miss Cory Quirino even stated that she is a very humble individual, and she doesn’t make a big issue about her being a celebrity. I believe in my heart that this woman can do an excellent job as Miss World, because she is way way ahead of any contestants out there. Remember, Miss World is about “Beauty with a purpose,”and she’s done this already since age sixteen. She’s not like other contestants who’s just starting now, because it is one of the prerequisite to achieve the crown. Try to watch some of her interviews, and you can feel her sincerity and passions about helping our society. She’s very comfortable on or off camera, that is why, I feel she will also do well in the Multimedia fast track being a TV host. I said already before that she’s one of the most stunning contestant this year and that’s not being redundant. It is getting late here, and I need to get to work. I have more to say, but I can’t right now. I will answer some question from Othil and Basil next time. It concerns about a foreigner supporting Filipina beauties. For now a very simple answer they are very beautiful. Mabuhay to each and everyone of you and good night to all the people in the Philippines, and I would also greet the rest of the people here in the USA a very pleasant morning.

    • I try to spread this information to all anti megan! Thats why I wanted megan to represent our country to ms.world 2013 she has all the quality to be crown and she will good ambassador cause our president appointed her as youth ambassador and I knew she helping charitable institution since 2006.

    • @Ernest Reyes
      Great information you’ve shared!
      And the kind words describing Megan.
      Just gave me goosebumps reading your blog and believing in the “Filipina beauty”
      Thank you Sir Ernest

  4. Top 5
    Megan, Janicel, Vinia, Paula, Pia

    Rounding up the top 12
    Bianca, Patricia, Zandra, Ria, Mercegrace, Omarie, Roselle

  5. I wouldnt keep my hopes too high for megan for the win ! Its still premature to say that she’s got it all really. Not until she gets to the finish line can we safely say shes it. The judges will have the final say. Zarah Bianca are my faves.

  6. Top 5 based on head shots:

    1. Meagan 2. Janicel 3. Bianca 4. Patricia 5. Vina

    Top 5 based on Talent:

    1. Samantha 2. Zahra 3. Vina 4. Megan 5. Janicel

    Top 5 Based on Swimsuit:

    1.Janicel 2. Vina 3. Megan 4. Jennifer 5. Samantha

    Top 5 based on Com skills.

    1. Zahra 2. Megan 3. Bianca 4. Patricia 5. Janicel

    Top 5 based on Pasarela

    1. Janicel 2. Samantha 3. Megan 4. Bianca 5. Mercegrace

    Top 5 based on Presentation:

    1. Megan 2. Bianca 3. Patricia, 4. Janicel 5. Samantha

    TOP 5 based on Q&A???:

    1. Megan? 2. Zahra? 3. Bianca?? 4. Samantha??? 5. Janicel???

    Possible Final 5

    1. Megan Young- MWP 2013!!!! 2.Janicel? 3.Zahra? 4.Bianca? 5. Samantha?



    AND **** MEGAN YOUNG****** 😀 MWP AND MW 2013

  8. Drama kung drama ang peg nitong si KZ Cajandig.
    Naghuhumindig ang bruha.
    Headshots pa lang yan ha.
    Ano pa kaya kung whole body?

  9. Bianca is a contender too I wouldn’t mind if she represented the country but its really Megan’s year this year

  10. Norman, sabi mo at dis point megan ang top pick mo, kung ganon pwedeng magbago, maging honest ka sino sa tingin mo sa mga ito ang pwedeng magteykover ng ganda nya. Wag mong alalahanin ang mga thumbs down, ikaw ang boss dito at subok na ang katapatan mo.

    Para sa kin si megan na to at maaaring si janicel ang tumeykober sa kanya

    • Honestly, Megan is the clear winner for me. But the presence of Bianca Paz – who took the big risk of re-joining – is giving me slight discomfort. 😉

  11. Megan Young the true goddess of Filipino Pageantry. Look at that picture she simply glow. As I said with my post before, she is the real deal. What can the Filipino people ask for more with this woman? The answer is nothing. A beautiful face, knockout body, a good communicator, winsome personality, and above all a woman of substance plus humility. There is no bad pictures that I have seen yet. Let me phrase it like these, the camera loves her. She can destroy any camera, because the camera cannot find any flaws with these woman. My friends from Mexico, France, and Germany just love her. Megan Mania is here and the Tsunami of 2013.

    • Ernest, paano ko ba sasabihin ito. Norman pakisalin naman sa ingles o at habambuhay kitang iirogin.

      Ernest kakataba ka naman ng puso di ka man pinoy pero humahanga ka sa ganda ng pilipina. Ano ba itsura ng representatibo ng bansa mo. Salamat Ernest.

      Salamat ng maaga sa pagsalin Norman

      • @othil,
        Let me translate what you have sad to Ernest.

        @Ernest, from @othil

        “Ernest, you are s fat, and you have a heart disease.
        Don’t admire me, I hate you. Your country’s representative to Miss Universe loves achara,and I love Adobo.
        Thanks Ernest.”

        Thanks,Norman for being a transferee.”

  12. Lovely Filipina girls… I’m in love with Megan, she’s gorgeous!

  13. I’ve been trying really hard to like and to look at the other candidates as objectively as is humanly possible, but try as I might I keep coming back to the same conclusion: MEGAN YOUNG.

  14. Let’s all hope Cory Q doesn’t screw this one up! Of course it’ Megan!

  15. Nicole, Pia, Karla, Janicel, Mercegrace, Vina, Aikah, Omarie, Bianca, Megan, Patricia, Zandra. Since we’re basing solely on these head shots, I have to remove Ria’s name off of my list as her face here looks meh. Mas bagay yata sa kanya pag di naka-smile!

  16. Even if you show these shots to a group of people who do not know who Megan Young is, I’m sure most will agree that she indeed is the prettiest. Ibigay na ang korona sa kanya. 🙂

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