12 comments on “Oh, Yaritza, Oh!

  1. There’s something about this young girl that makes the difference! I don’t know what it is,but i’m quite sure she’s gonna get really far!! She has her feet well on the ground and her head fixed on reality,and the way she manage any conversation and different social issues at her young age is amazing! Wait until you see her in an interview!! Go sweety,I’m sure you can make it!!!

  2. She is not a fake young girl like others. She is proud of her roots and that’s why she wears her beautiful curly hair. Her English is very, very good and hey, even if she doesn’t win, for racisms or any other childish preconcepts, my country Dominican Republic is well represented with Yaritza’s presence at the MU 2013.

  3. Just wait ’till you her her speak. this girl besides being beautiful is very smart, is an English Teacher, a Musician, a Nurse, and has an amazing beautiful speaking voice with a great genuine confident personality at only 19. She is my favorite!

  4. Reminds me of the late Whitney Houston during her ” I wanna dance with somebody yeeeahh…..”days!
    Maganda po siya

  5. My best friend is Dominican but still for me not a Top 16 contender…NEXT!

    • I remember that lady. I she was the first black woman to represent her country in Miss U. My favorite that time was Miss Curacao. She topped the SS and EG rounds. But faltered in the Q&A when she tried to answer in English (shades of Irene Esser).

  6. She’s the black version of Bodine Koehler.
    I just hope that they won’t have the same fate.
    This girl is “The Bomb”.
    Her first name reminds me of Maritza Sayalero and her surname reminds me of Gladys, the female villain with an octagonal jawline, Gladys Guevarra.
    Ooops, I almost forget her other first name, ‘Miguelina”, it reminds me the mother of my bf Facundo Montecarlo, the mother who used to give m a tight hug after receiving boxes of Puregold groceries.

  7. I like this girl… I think she’s better than Miss Israel Yityish Aynaw 🙂

  8. Ganda nya norman, kahawig nya yong mga anak ni bill cosby sa cosby show. Me pagasa to.

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