18 comments on “Mercegrace Raquel: “This is something unplanned”

  1. She is so young! I hope she doesn’t give up if she doesn’t win MWP this year.

    • I was hoping she’d compete for the MUP title in a couple years. Even then she’d have just turned 22.

      As I said earlier, Mercegrace should deliberately plan, prepare and pace herself in the next two years and map out a measurable path for self-transformation, rather spend her time joining pageants willy-nilly and impulsively like the others. She is more fortunate in that she has time on her side, but she shouldn’t squander her opportunities either.

      I don’t want to see this remarkable beauty go to waste simply because she was fielded too often, or too soon! If she plans it carefully, I really think she can snag a major national title at the right time.

  2. Bata pa to e may height pa,kaya nyang maging katawan ni venus, pag ganun sya kaseksi at ayusin nya makeup nya at buhok papatok sya, talino pa. Mercy mercy me mercegrace.

  3. Mega Good Luck Mercegrace…..
    Join Ulit next year and the year after next year

  4. She’s only 20 yo guys. In terms of carving out a pageant “career”‘ she has at least 4 more years to do this right. She already has the smarts, the height (5’8”) and experience. She just needs to fix whatever else needs fixing and compete again in a couple of years. But she needs to plan things out, prepare, pace herself and not compete on impulse as she did this year. But she has all the potential of winning a major national title in future, with the right transformation and if she plays her cards right.

    • The arc of her teeth is asymmetrically uneven..
      Bilaterally, one side is more prominent than the other.
      She may need braces to fix it.

      • Right. Fixing this problem should not be too difficult or costly based on the potential return.

  5. I love Merce, Normz,,,and wishing her to get the top plum….btw, is it true that she left JDV’s Camp???theres a rumor circulating about her.

  6. Unplanned?
    I don’t want a girl who’s half-hearted.
    Now, I understand why she was unplaced in Binibini.
    She may have the height and a face, but her willingness to be a winner is lacking, and that alone is enough reason for her to be a clapper.
    I like her during her Binibini stint, but her poor and boring presentation on stage was an evidence that she’s unprepared.
    Magtinda ka na lang ng laing at daing MG, don’t worry, may consignment offer ako.
    Bruha ka!

    • Don’t ever look down on someone who has greater potentials than you, Basil! This is the best example of CRAB MENTALITY! Inggiterang palaka! kaloka ka!

  7. She’s an excellent dancer. I just wished she was the one hand picked for Miss Humanity International 2013…In youtube= yichbg5nY6Y….BEST DANCER: #28 Raquel 4:47

  8. Semifinalist at the very least. A possible top 3 contender. Good luck to her!

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