9 comments on “The risks Bianca Paz is willing to take

  1. She was actively involved during the MWP promotions 2 years ago. Miss Q must be fond of her. Another top 5 finish is possible.

  2. Whatever will be the results, I am saluting the bravery of this woman.
    Teh Bianca, pag nadaan ka sa pwesto ko sa palengke, may libre kang daing at laing.
    Malaking sugal talaga ang ginawa ni Bianca, just imagine, nagcompete na sya sa Miss Universe, and here she’s now, competing for another local title.

    Bianca Natalo, 69, Philippines.

    • parang may sariling mundo yung ilong nya…kahit tingnan ko pa sa ibang site yung pictures nya…just wondering why??????

      • She had the side snipped but she left the tip of her nose untouched.. Her nose now looks more proportioned in relation to her face but the bulbous tip no longer matches her now smaller nostrils. I guess that’s the reason why it still catches more attention compared to her other beautiful features.

  3. She was a contender during the 2011 edition.

    But not this time though. She is taking the risk of being out and out beaten by the winner (probably Megan).

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