26 comments on “Vina Openiano: will she be Vanquished or Victorious?

  1. OMG her dress- it’s like her fairy godmother changed her mind mid-way so it’s like half an apron and half a cocktail dress hahahahaha

  2. She could have said Kris Aquino, a woman of substance, strength and undeniable charisma.
    I can’t think of anyone who can bravely announced on national tv that she has an STD.
    That single act is super human, and based on that, Kris should be declared as a national hero and be idolized by young generation.

    Kris Aquino, 69, Kirengkeng Street, Kalanturan Road, Olongapo!

  3. Sinipat sipat ko ang babaing ito! Para sa akin wala ako makitang pangkabog niya! Ano kaya siya ang koronahan!! Sigurado ko rambulan ang mga becky! May kakaibang aura ang babaing etet. Bumilang mula sa etet pabalik yung pang 7 yun ang aura niya!

  4. answering that her role model is Janine who is from Mutya’s archrival pageant organization was just a big slap for the Mutya organizers

    • hmmm.. I’m nnow starting to think that you and Miss Uranus are related.. LOL

      • oohh, you’re a smart cookie! But no, I’m not related to Miss Uranus! That dirty skank just happens to live just around the bend from me! But as long as she doesn’t try to sweep her smelly trash into my back yard, we do just fine!

      • @closer. thank you sweetie! Ready to go indeed! (I had to read that line twice before I got it, lol!). I’ll make sure Ms. Uranus reads this thread just so I can laugh at her tight old face.

        By the way dear, my name is spelled with an “F” , not with a “V”. A lot of people seem to be having the same Freudian issues with my name! Tsk tsk! 🙂

      • @Miss Uranus

        hahaha We’re just poking fun at each other.. loosen up! 😀

      • thanks, closer-schweetie! As far as loosening me up, I’ll definitely need more than that one finger Vina’s holding up.

  5. My own opinion…
    A big V as in Vanquished, with the participation of ex Binibini hopefuls I don’t find her a MWP victorious, the ex Binibini hopefuls are more prep polished and more appealing!!!
    And with Megan’s participation what can I ask for?… Nothing! Megan is Uber Perfect fighting form ready to be crowned!
    And I must say, Megan made all the 2 to 3 groups of this blog resulted to being friends again ( hope ) or is it just me that we all waited and waited for her participation and gave way to “agreeable” inputs in describing Megan’s uber Winning formula!
    To Vina….. Try 2014, 2015, 2016, I see some potentials in you, Not now Vina, Not with Megan, this is her most awaited year….. Win win win for Megan!

  6. She could have said something safe like Mother Theresa.. or someone inspiring like Hellen Keller and Rosa Parks.. or someone controversial like Imelda Marcos… I don’t know..

    She could have at least worn something that showed off her curves..

    I think I need an intervention..

    • Or Cory Aquino, Gabriela Silang, Tandang Sora, or even her own dear mother or grandma or even an aunt whom she might have admired growing up…. but Janine??? In any case, this might have been a valuable lesson for her should she decide to compete again in a beauty pageant in the future.

      • I hope she learned her lesson and not repeat history by creating another major major mistake..

        * I just feel disappointed because I was really rooting for her.. She reminds me of Venus Raj with a hint of Techi Agbayani and less witty com kills..

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