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  1. My Prediction for the TOP 10

    #1. Meagan Young – This girl is the total package and I absolutely love her.. do I need to say more?


    #2. Janicel Lubina – She has the best pasarela, her body is one of the best and her Filipina features still looks gorgeous standing next to my beloved Meagan Young. She just needs to WOW us with the Q&A for her to secure the position as 1st Princess. I still think that she should have built her academic credentials 1st, join 2-3 years from now and then she could win any of the national pageants with a landslide!

    #3. Zahra Saldua -She’s a half Palestinian Muslim who’s a court side reporter, a radio jock and a splitting image of Cory Quirino!? It all sounds confusing but could we ask for a more standout personality and a better background?! I know she will do well on the Q&A but her body still needs more toning and her pasarela needs more work. If in case Meagan can’t compete at MW2013 which is impossible, it seems that Zahra has a better chance of winning in Indonesia than my personal favorite, Janicel.

    #4. Bianca Paz- She has the beauty and experience but its still not enough. If she literally beats the crap out of the other 3 girls, only then she could have a better placement.

    #5. Samantha Bernardo – I vote her as “Most Improved” and yet she still has great potentials. Her pasarela is one of the standouts, her body only needs a bit of toning at the the right places, and her taste in fashion needs little tweaking. Over all, if she nails the Q&A, maybe then could she secure a TOP 5 placement but her hair and make-up still needs a lot of work! She could work on her skills by watching videos of beauty experts on Youtube. An eye for beauty is an innate talent and I can tell that she is not born with it. On the good side, it ensures that she will only bear straight kids.

    #6. Patricia Ejercitado – She has the exotic looks, the toned body, the experience but does she have the personality? Let’s wait for the Q&A if she could secure a TOP 5 placement.

    #7. Ria Rabajante – She has beauty and sophistication but she also needs to work on her personality. Maybe she needs to pay the photographer for her to get more flattering pictures. Then she could redeem herself.

    #8. Vina Opiniano – This girl has one of the best bone structure and body proportion in the competition but she manages to hide her apparently “only” asset. Janine Tugonon?! Really?! To secure a TOP 5 placement, she better not repeat history on the Q&A! I don’t know if there’s a magic formula to gain more wit but this girls needs it badly!

    #9. Jennifer Hammond- Emphasize on the curves, tone down the cheeks and sharpen the jaw and nose line. I have a feeling that this smart girl would pull a surprise on the Q&A.

    #10, Omarie Osuna or Pia Ochengco- I still find these girls with pretty faces raw. I don’t know if they could pull a surprise TOP 5 placement but I will not feel bad if ever they would.

    • I now would like to add the short girl, Nicole Marable in my Top 10.. Recent revelations are telling me that this girl has personality. I’ll be waiting for at least a hint of effervescence and maybe on the pageant night, she would shine!

  2. Norman: I’m rooting for Megan, but #17 Jennifer Hammond seems intriguing. What do you know about her? I think physically she’s a cut above some of the girls you fancy, IMO.

  3. Patricia (22) Samantha (7) Janice l(10) Bianca (19) & Meagan (20) any one of this girls can fit in for MPW 2013, love love love…..Miss World 2013 soon!!!!!

  4. I would love to see the dress of Maria Paula Bianca Paz turn into gown! Beautiful color and design.

    • @HUNK5525

      Yeah, I love it too!.. Now, I’m starting to have a crush on you..

      • whoa! closer, where did that come from? did we innocent bystanders miss something?! 🙂

      • @Alotta Fagina

        I don’t know…

        I foresee a vain mestizo health nut who’s hair is perfectly styled…

        He has perfect attendance at the gym and ..

        He’s in a room .. hmmm a loft.. decorated in good taste…. there’s a dog… a toy breed… wearing a tutu..

        I’m not used to eating desserts.. high concentration of cinnamon has a hallucinogenic effect on me..

    • Patricia (22) Samantha (7) Janice l(10) Bianca (19) & Meagan (20) any one of this girls can fit in for MPW 2013, love love love…..Miss World 2013 soon!!!!!

  5. It all boils down to the mwp 2013 final night when everyone is all in the same footing. It will either make or break a candidate depending on how well or bad she performs over-all. just not sure how the selection process is done. Norms is it done just like Bb Pilipinas ? Wherein the winners are chosen based on how they perform during the final night ? Seems like these candidates will have to do fast track events leading to the finals.

  6. Truly as in Mother Lily and water lily, Meagan is the chosen one or should I say the anointed one.
    As if she was just in the pageant to show to her co-delegates what a real beauty and poise is, and that they should all learn from her.
    Ready as in ever ready battery na ang hitad na si Meagan.
    Kumbaga sa pukelya ay ibubuka na lang at pasok mga kaibigan.
    At kung sa pototoy naman e konting hagod na lang at fireworks na.

    Ninang Norms,
    Since you are very vocal that Meagan has no competition at all.
    Can you make a deal na ipapaputol mo ang pototoy mo pag natalo ang hitad na Bata.

    Meagan Young, Kapatid na Slater Young At Rico Young, Philippines!

  7. Your sentiments Norms are more or less the same with a lot of pageant watchers in India way back in 1994 when Ash and Sushmita were competing against each other…. Back then- everybody believed that Sush would win everything so easily—- Sush was not even the one thought to be her biggest competitor…. In fact, people believed it would be crazy to even think that Ash will loose the crown to anyone!

    When Sushmita won, people were bashing here left and right— so much so that the whole of India was not interested in what was happening to her in Manila (not a live telecast and not a news) untill the time she won everything! ….. this is the scenario with Ruffa Guttierez and Dindi Gallardo :-)……… and we all know what what happened!!!

    The good thing for Sush and Ruffa is they have an international flatform to redeem themselves. Sush vindicated by her MW win and Ruffa by her 2nd Princess victory.

    The bad thing about Megan here is….. she has no venue to redeem herself if she doest win the MWP 2013 😦 unless she decides to re-join next year of join MPE. So a lot of pressure for Megan….. but it might be a blessing in disguise— if she is pressured even at this point in time… then she will be less harassed when its time for MW in Indonesia. Anyway— I hope Megan wins… afterall, she stands to loose the most compared to all her competitors and its such a brave thing for her to risk everything right now (thats why I couldnt blame her for taking her time before she joined a national contest). Good luck to Megan!!!! If the past 2 years is any indication she has a good chance of winning….. in 2011- everybody thought Ms Henson would win and she was 1st runner up, in 2012 everybody was rooting for Reham and she actually won…. so looking at the history, the one predicted to win actually does well in the finals 🙂

    • Sush would win everything so easily? Or was it Aishwarya who was expected to take it all?

      Sush vindicated by her MW win? Or was it Aishwarya who was vindicated?

      Reham? Or Rehman? Reham was BbP World ’95.

    • bakla. sang planeta ka ba nanonood ng MU at MW???
      sush won MU at si aish ang MW.
      and it’s Rehman not Reham.
      Nakakahaggard basahin ang post mo!

    • “Your sentiments Norms are more or less the same with a lot of pageant watchers in India way back in 1994 when Ash and Sushmita were competing against each other…. ”

      Jay started out with this opening and he immediately had all my respect, as I felt I exactly already understood the whole long story and sentiment he’s about to launch into. But then he totally mixed-up Sushmita and Aishwarya and who’s who and I began to doubt his pageant knowledge after all. When he went as far as having the audacity to even ask PinayGem if she’ve read and understood, he made a total laughingstock out of himself. Ay-Sush!

      It’s OK Jay, there’s still time to correct yourself. 😀

    • Zahra looks wide in this dress..

      Why is Vina hiding her curves which is her best asset?

      Patricia.. sexy yet hohummm…

      I feel so bad for Ria.. Does the photographer have a grudge on her?
      I don’t understand why he always manage to capture her in her most unflattering angles?

      Bianca’s dress is a standout.. tight and modern.. love it!

      Meagan’s dress is simple yet sexy with lines that leads our eyes to her beautiful face..
      absolutely PERFECT!

  8. Megan is ms universe calibre. If she doesn’t miss world ill boycott Cory quirino lol

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