24 comments on “Zahra Bianca Al-Jaber Saldua : from courtside to centerstage

  1. is this girl pregnant that she had that yellow towel around her waist at the screening?

      • shoot, and this pregnant girl is muslim too? how could things get any worse?! she ain’t gonna win is she? 😦

    • ang zyungah mo naman casper, papayagan ba yan sa screening pa lang kung buntis ? LOL !!!!!

  2. She reminds me of Georgina Sandico.
    Hope to see her in BBP next year.
    But I’m afraid that her first names won’t bring her luck.
    Zahra is unlucky name in pageantry, look at what happened to Zandra Flores and Zephora Mayon.
    Same thing with the name Bianca, remember Bianca Natalo and Bianca Paz?
    They maybe winners in their own ways, but clappers at the same time.
    I just hope that Zahra will change her name into Zorro.
    I want a beauty queen named Zorro.

    Zorro Saldua, 69, Tondo!

  3. She can easily be a semi-finalist if the sports fast track event will be done. 🙂 I guess.

  4. Zahra S!
    I am sure she can still improve her pageant skills in a year or two, Preparation is not her thing, specially showing up in the final screening in a golf shirt? Did I miss the story behind zarah S wearing a golf shirt instead of a gown? ( can somebody explain ?). I’m sure there is an explanation behind the golf shirt?
    Naaaahhh…… She’s not a threat to Meganbata……as for me it’s a naaahhh
    Zarah S should seek assistance from beauty camp then join 2014, 2015, 2016

  5. She has a very pretty face, she’s tall (5’8″) and she definitely has a lot of potential, especially with her mass-comm skills, but seriously, she still needs to lose some more baby fat and her styling needs improvement. Miss World is just a few weeks away so there’s not much she can do about it at this point. She should join again next year when she’s better prepared physically and she could just win it!

  6. The one and only serious threat to Megan’s crowning. SERIOUSLY. Paging Tonya Harding…. Paging Tonya Harding….

    • @yura. She probably is a very good speaker and communicator, yes, but as far as onstage performance, facial beauty, polish, poise and personality, Megan clearly is still way ahead of her. 🙂

  7. I like her already norms ! didn’t u say shes around 5’11” ? If she is then she’s got some edge over the rest of the pack. Her bio looks good as well.

  8. I’m excited to see how is she going to fare in this beauty contest considering her Muslim background =) I’m surprised that a Muslim girl can join a beauty contest, in Malaysia there were 3 Muslim girl candidates who were disqualified or I think asked to back out from the local beauty pageant (Miss U MY I think).

    • Compromises, Sheena. Zahra joined because she knows that MW2013 will be far more conservative if ever.

  9. im just wondering, if she’ll join MWP2013 there is this swimsuit competition where they have to wear swimsuits (if swimsuits is it)? if sh’es practicing her muslim culture, is it okay with the muslim community? or she’ll just step back with that round or still join with a sarong. BTW, i love her, i thought she’s chinese..hahah…she stood out without wearing an evening gown 😉

      • Couldn’t she have chosen a more appropriate sarong? That bright yellow sarong she wrapped around her waist only made her look fat. 😦

      • Vendetta 711, agree that she looked really big and her built isn’t model like but more of “malaking bulas”, and proper styling is really important in a pageant. Sinayang ang ganda! Or they couldve wrapped the sarong more nicely instead coz based on the video of press presentation, seems like it was just wrapped around her waist for the sake of covering up her tummy/hips area :\

  10. Oh perfect.. she’s Feminist!?! I thought being a half Palestinian Muslim is not character enough?! (Palestinian independence is favored by Indonesia) .. But, she really had to audition in a blue polo-shirt just to standout?.She could have at least put some duct tape on her breasts to make it look more perky. Meagan is still the one..

    • @closer: it just occurred to me that the very thought of a radio jock/ laid back/conservative muslim/feminist/beauty pageant contestant seems very contradictory! Just having to sort it through left me dazed and confused! 🙂

    • @Closer2fame

      I’m also confused with this girl. Her golf shirt did standout. Politically speaking, she could please everyone with her background. Pageant wise, Meagan is still far ahead of her.

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