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  1. sa tingin mo makakatalo ke bata yong numero dyes (sa panaginip dahil talgang ke bata ang korona), wag lang magmayabang sa ingles tapos ala di naming saysay pinagsasabe.

  2. I don’t understand why Janicel here is wearing the wrong shoes.. But her hair and make-up is perfect! 🙂

    • boy, you make it sound like she’s a vampire or one of the undead or somethin…

  3. They should do a background check of their finalist. I just heard one of the finalist here who’s recently won pageant was pregnant before. She’s a schoolmate of my friend and they’ve seen her pregnant,around april or may this year. The question is did she gave birth already or did she abort the baby? How MYSTERIOUS?

    • maybe she’s still pregnant that’s why she has that yellow towel around her belly… right? poor thing. she shoulda waited to join the pageant after she gave birth…

  4. bud? has any bird hoverin around you lately and whispers megan will not win MWP 2013 due to it is a waste to send her to Indonesia without swimsuit competition but she will be a shoo-in for MWP 2014? instead MWP will send the muslim candidate which is only appropriate for the host muslim nation.

    I tend to believe but it could very well be just a careless whisper. 🙂

    • If Megan loses this year, I have doubts if she will re-join. While she will only turn 24 in 2014, the prospects of experiencing defeat now could affect her confidence (and interest as well). Truth be told, there’s a lot riding for her and against her in this edition. Aside from giving up possible TV projects (which means loss of income), she is dead-set on winning a crown in her first attempt. In the end, making her ‘lose’ this year will mean a bigger loss for Cory Quirino. 😉

  5. 3 Best PASARELA: 1)#10 JANICEL, 2)#7 SAMANTHA, 3)#20 MEGAN in Sash Factor.

  6. Pang Miss U talaga ang look ni Megan.. May pagka-Latina ang dating… dba uso sa miss u yun..?? Well anyway, malakas nman din ang chances niyang makuha ang MWP2013 title.. dami niyang fans dito…

  7. It seems that the coming weeks will be so hectic, tiring and stressful.
    Proof to that is our Ninang Norms, kita nyo naman, sya ang na-stress.
    Pero mas gusto ko yang ganyang kaikling pageant duration, kaysa naman yung more than a month, mas nakakapagod makipagplastikan sa loob ng isang buwan.

    Btw, #25 caught my eye, her figure is undeniably the best.
    She even exceeded Janicel who is the reigning Miss Bikini Tondo.

  8. I gotta hand it to Cory Q. for assembling rather quickly a very fine batch of ladies despite such time constraints albeit self-imposed. Imagine what she would’ve accomplished if she had started the MWP search a lot earlier this year!

  9. Megan Young period! Talaga maganda kitang kita naman! Kahit itabi sa ibang dioso kuno! Lulutang pa rin si bata!!! Para sa akin siya ang pinaka magandang deligada kung sakali sa lahat ng ipapadala natin sa international pageant!

  10. Megan all the way! Just give her the crown and that’s it!
    First blue crown for the Philippines is very much possible.

    I’ve noticed, bunch of girls are from Binibini. Most likely they will be in the semis.
    What happened to Bianca Paz and Ria?! Thumbs down for them on this.

    By the way Kuya Norms, why is Megan and Melanie got their pics bigger?! Are they your top bets for the crown? 🙂

  11. Team Megan for the win!
    I don’t see or feel any candidates that is at par with Megan!
    Too obvious Megan will be crowned Miss World Philippines 2013 and finally will have Philippines first most elusive blue crown……. Win win win

  12. OMG. The stage lighting is so harsh it made the pics of all these girls look awful. Except for Megan. She looks stunning even in bad light.

  13. I’ll place my bet on MEGAN. Her perfect FACE is so universally beautiful and so easy on the eyes. She could also pass for Mestiza, Eurasian, European, Slav, American, Latina or give her a dark tan and she could also pass for a Pacific-islander! Very marketable!

    • Agree with everything except I don’t think she can pull of Slav and European.

  14. The Palawenos are on a roll! I like Samantha’s walk. Janicel’s styling here is not nice, same with Ria 😦

  15. Waste of time . Just give it to Meg. She’s the only stand out here… The others are so plain.

  16. I suppose it’s safe to assume the height arrangement of the 26 candidates is in a pyramid shape, with the middle (#13 Paula Estenzo) being the tallest, and candidates on either end (nos. 1 and 26) being the shortest.

    • Very likely. Candidate no. 1 Nicole Marable is only 5’6″, while no. 13 the middle candidate Paula Estenzo at 5’11” is the tallest, and no. 26 HK Cajandig is 5’6 1/2″ is the last candidate.


    PS: I think you meant “sleep deprivation”, not “sleep depravity.” Well, I’m sure at least we all hope none of these girls are depraved! 🙂

  18. Megan Young FTW…this girl has no bad angle…front, side, back, top view…even with poor lighting..she is gorgeous…she reminds me of Ximena Navarette Ms. U 2011…they have the same walk…

    • @donnie: I noticed that too. Her face has no bad angles at all. Even her most casual candids look gorgeous. 🙂

  19. TOP 15 PREDICTION MWP 2013

    20. Megan Lynne Young
    5. Zahra Bianca Saldua
    24. Zandra Flores
    19. Ma. Paula Bianca Paz
    14. Vina Openiano
    6. Karla Patricia Alas
    15. Ma. Lily Teresa Salazar
    10. Janicel Lubina
    13. Paula Estenzo
    9. Pia Kamil Ochengco
    7. Samantha Bernardo
    18. Omarie Linn Osuna
    22. Patricia Lae Ejercitado
    21. Jennyline Carla Malpaya
    17. Jennifer Hammond

    TOP 10 PICKS
    5. Zahra Bianca Saldua
    19. Ma. Paula Bianca Paz
    9. Pia Kamil Ochengco
    15. Ma. Lily Teresa Salazar
    14. Vina Openiano
    13. Paula Estenzo
    6. Karla Patricia Alas
    18. Omarie Linn Osuna
    21. Jennyline Carla Malpaya
    20. Megan Lynne Young

  20. Patricia (22) Samantha (7) Janice l(10) Bianca (19) & Meagan (20) any one of this girls can fit in for MPW 2013, love love love…..Miss World 2013 soon!!!!!

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