7 comments on “Lucky Koreen Medina goes national

  1. Here we go again… There is more than just a skin deep. Beauty contest isn’t all about physical beauty. Vina O. Had the best bod and pretty Native Pinay but did you see how she fare in the “q and a? Koreen’s winning streak is written in the stars. We can’t argue with success, right? There are lots of better-looking girls but did you ever wonder why crown/title has been elusive to them?

  2. wow a lot of titles and a lot of prizes… always a winner for 3 consecutive years 🙂 a legitimate way of earning money by just being the most beautiful…. yes, luck lucky lucky girl

  3. She might be a sweet girl, but I think the top prize should have been won by Vina or Asdis.
    Hindi ko type ang styling nitong si Koreen, parang elementary student lang na sasali sa Little Miss United Nations.
    Saan nya nakuha ang hairstyle na yun, at kung makangiti ang bruha, daig pa ang napasukan ng sampung malalaki at matatabang pototoy.
    But anyways, Koreen is a good tv news anchor, and a good wife of Mar Roxas.
    Saludo ako sa pamimigay nya ng sinelas sa probinsya.

    Koreen Sanchez, 69, Binondo, Rizal!

  4. The thighs are okay but the cankles ugh! She’s pretty but no charisma and definitely not sexy.

  5. get a Grip…. iTs not aLL about physicaL beauty….the “most deserving” term that the bLogger used means she was the over aLL winner, she beaT other 31 beauties….the bLogger doesn’t state that she’s the most beautifuL among others.. anD he’s taLking abouT how Lucky this girL is by winning every conTest she joins be it a TaLent search or a beauty pageant… ☺☺☺

  6. Most deserving? Are u kidding me? Take a look at those thunder thighs and her fat ankles!!! There were other candidates with vavavavoom bodies who were more deserving than Koreen!

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