9 comments on “Will Olivia Wells claim top placement in MU2013?

  1. She’s a lotta woman. Luv that bull neck of hers, her thick fleshy thighs, big round rump and whatever’s in between! Yeah beybeh!

  2. I really like Olivia, she’s giving me a Kim Kardashan vive and Alici Siverstone aura.
    She’s fresher compare to the previous blonde aussie candidates.
    I think she will fulfill the unfinished business of Rachel Finch, and that is to snach the torch, and bring back Australia into the pedestal of Olympic of Beauty.

    Olivia Newton John, 69, Fucks and Caicos.

  3. Great personality and very refreshing. Two things that are naturally gained and not put on. She is very comfortable on her own skin.

  4. Yes, I like her personality, but she’s still a bit chunky by Miss U’s standards. There’s still 3 months to lose about 15 pounds or so, Olivia!

  5. She is NOT a caliber of a Top 16 or even close to Renae Ayris. So whoever is doubting of Ara who is one of the prettiest Bb ever!, You can kiss my hunk ass. Aiight BITCHES!!!

  6. Now that’s PERSONALITY ! Brainy too and gorgeous. She’s also very fresh and natural looking.
    I’d rather have a Ms U who is genuinely beautiful on the inside and out instead of someone who has been coached heavily. She’s my bet for the title .

  7. If the MU pageant were to be held next week, a big NO. It will be a very competititive year. Olivia needs to transform into a sleeker, more polished version of herself to even enter as semifinalist.

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