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  1. If there are Sireynas who I want to become TV personalities, It’s all three of them Maki aka Jenelyn Mercado, Francine aka Kim Chiu and Aya aka Bangs Garcia. I hope they would all become good friends despite the differences in their upbringing. Kung si Ate Gay and si Vice Ganda e me noon time show, Drag Queen Rupaul Andre Charles is a media mogul in the US, si Paolo Ballesteros and si Michael V mahilig mag Drag sa Eat Bulaga, ano kaya ang mangyayari kung tatlong tunay na magaganda and matatalinong transexual ang gawin mong TV hosts? I hope EAT BULAGA will give them that opportunity to make a difference on national television. Maybe this would make way for our fellow conservative Filipinos to be desensitized by the truth, create tolerance for cultural diversity and live in harmony with our fellow men no matter what race, lifestyle or gender.

    • How about Marian Arguelles aka Christine Reyes and Bembem Ragaza aka Carla Abellana?
      I do agree that our Trans Pinays will do very well as television personalities and eventually movies too!
      Correct me if im wrong, Thailand do have a tv/movie star by the name of Nong Poy, I believe she’s a Post op transsexual, with “same sex marriage” is now recognized here in California, Trans Pinays being tv personalities is not far from our imagination……
      Truly our world is changing in a positive note, Acceptance and Equality will eventually a dream come true!

  2. galit na galit talaga si ate…lahat ay capital letters….ha ha ha…totok talaga, as in….

  3. Saludo ako sa lahat ng walong Reyna ng Super Sireyna, mahusay sumagot at plakadong WIT ang pinamalas!
    Sana ipadala sina Francine Garcia at Marian Arguelles sa Las Vegas for The most beautiful Transexual Pageant and another local pageant here in los Angeles Ang “Queen of the Universe”

  4. She deserved the titLe…… I thought Maki Mercedes will win but when Francine answered the crucial question, I know she’ll win…

  5. Even if we take away the Q&A, Francine was the clear winner. Though I was rooting for Maki – she was elegant and was her usual spontaneous self during the Q&A. Still, the poised and statuesque Francine can’t be denied.

  6. Hi Norms, somehow this is no fairy tale that has not ended, yet. I myself, have my own skeleton in the closet.

  7. I was expecting Maki Eve Mercedes ang makokoronahan kasi ang galing galing niyang sumagot lalo na dun sa press con at sa weekly finals pa lang, but anyway wala naman akong magagawa desisyon yun ng mga judges, at infairness ang gaganda ng costume nila na amaze talaga ako!! thank you sir Norman for featuring this! 🙂

  8. I am a big fan of Maki AKA Jenilyn Mercado, Queen of the sky so I am disappointed that she did not win. BUT, Francine AKA Kim Chiu, the Queen of the Jungle did a great job from the National Costume up to the Talent Presentation which is all at par with Maki. The Question & Answer portion was clearly the deciding factor on who should win. The Questions are chosen from Facebook and Twitter that is why they are very timely and applicable to the whole theme of the pageant. I think Maki recieved a great question from Gloria Diaz which I actually ask myself almost everyday and she gave an emotionally moving great answer. Francine received an equally great question and she gave out a slightly far more excellent answer. I guess her winning point is her quote from the 1987 constitution which applies not only to her answer to Isabel’s question but also for the LGBT community’s fight for EQUAL rights: “Article III: BILL OF RIGHTS, Section 1. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.”. I believe that she rightfully earned that crown and whatever she has done in the past is a minute detail of the person that she became that day. I feel more sorry for those people who acted bitterly about her win by looking for skeletons in her closet. Crab mentality is one of the reasons why the LGBT people are discriminated. They always receive criticism and some retaliate by giving a greater level of negative criticism in return. The gay community wants acceptance from the rest of the world therefore CRAB MENTALITY should also end within themselves. They should all give tolerance for their own kind who had her own share of mistakes but tried her best to change her life. And because of that, I now look up to our newly crowned “Queen of Queens”. I see now that she is the best representation of the LGBT community who are mostly victims of a critical and discriminate society. Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and let who without sin cast the first stone. She may not have the best upbringing but she did try to collect herself amidst the chaos of her past and used this turmoil as a catalyst for her own success. Congratulation!

    • @Angelo Reyes

      Yes, I really feel bad for Francine who had the most likes on Facebook and won the competition fair and square. I think the perpetrator of those pics posted online is a die hard fan of the other candidates and it really breaks my heart whenever I read some of the most narrow minded comments about the topic.

  9. @Donnie,
    Okay lang yun the, mas malaswa naman kung nude photos mo ang magcirculate. eeewwwww!

  10. The winner has nude photos from porn sites…it’s circulating now..eeew.

  11. Miss Kristine Reyes, Georgina Wilson and Carla Abellana are indeed gorgeous and beautiful.
    So sad that the final ranking was solely based on the Q/A.
    Marian Rivera is no doubt the dead ringer of Marian, even when she speaks, you can hear Marian in her, butangera.
    Methinks that Heart Evangelista does not deserve the title of Queen of the Universe, so boring on stage.
    Bangs Garcia has a pleasant personality, her smile is contagious and she’s also witty.
    Jennilyn Mercado is the favorite of the many because of her articulateness, but I find her so rehearsed and motherly.
    Kim Chiu deserve her title, with that powerful delivery of her response in Q/A,, and with conviction, there’s no doubt that she’s the Queen of the Queens.
    Kristine Reyes will be representing our country in Miss Queen Int’l in Thailand, the pageant won by Kevin Balot last year, I’m praying that Georgina and Kim will also be appointed.

    Ako po ang bakalng nagpatibok sa natutulog na puso ni Dante Varona,
    ako po si Senyora Basil Schwarzeneger,69, ang Super Sireyna ng Tondo, Manila,
    na nag-iiwan ng kasabihang,
    ” Aaanhin pa ang pukelyang saksakan ng bango, kung ang mga parokyano naman ay mga beki sa kanto, mabuti pa ang pototoy na amoy nitso tyak na sold-out sa parlor ni Bruno.”

    I Thank You!

  12. Super gaganda nila…. and super young. And marami sila…. What every straight man in the USA wants is such a beautiful sireyna!….

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