13 comments on “KZ Cajandig: Once more with feeling

  1. Despite not being the most prettiest, I like the way she presents herself in the photo. Her posture keeps your eyes away from the fact that she lacks visually in this pageant.

  2. Kung maka-emote naman ang mahaderang si KZ, feeling nya sya si Lea Salonga sa The Voice.
    Sarap mong sampalin ng gusali at tarakan ng punyal.

  3. People who try to improve and better themselves should be applauded. HOWEVER must we constantly be subjected to recycled beauties such as her? There comes a time when you just have to be realistic and realize beauty pageants are not your thing.

  4. Lalaitin lang yan ng mga kapit bahay sa asia, cige pagtabihin sila ni megan young para magkaalaman, opion ko lang po!

  5. Can’t get-over her throwback Thursday yellow gown..
    From her eyebrow plucking up to her total image projection..
    This girl needs a complete overhaul!

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